Hiring Good, Reliable, and Long-Term Employees

I am a serial entrepreneur. Throughout my life, I have created and then sold a myriad of businesses. These are small and simple start-ups that are inexpensive to begin, but that earn astonishing good profits. – Your business is probably different. But our need for good employees is similar.

Every company needs good, enthusiastic employees, who will integrate into our business and become a consistent and long-term, reliable asset. — This has been my experience in hiring for the businesses I create.

In all my business endeavors I create a website with a blog posting section that is connected to every major social network. I also create Facebook pages, Instagram pages, a Twitter feed, a YouTube channel, and a profile on LinkedIn. (Sometimes, I also implement local networks like NextDoor and Alignable.) – I need a “webmaster” to make all this happen.

To further promote my businesses, I write articles and publish books. I also give speeches to associations, clubs, and at various meetings. And I approach magazines, and TV and radio stations with good stories associated with my businesses to be shared with their audiences. This simple effort has gotten me on multiple national News outlets too. — I create new and numerous content daily. – Much of this needs a graphic artist, a social networker, and a KDP format specialist. — Of course, to run my businesses smoothly, I must employ a CPA to manage our books. And we employ temporary labor for a myriad of other projects and programs that we create and run too.

Webmasters: These have been the most unscrupulous people we have encountered. It is very dangerous to have someone build a website for you unless you have a very explanatory contract that whatever they create belongs solely to you. – Just because you paid them to do the work and have receipts is NOT enough. – We have been sued twice by webmasters claiming they own our websites and deserve 50% of whatever income those sites generate. – It took us 6 years and 8 different webmasters before we found an affordable, excellent, honest webmaster. He has worked for us for 12 years and lives in the Philippines. We found him on Fiverr.

Social Networkers: I belong to a variety of social networks and have business pages on them. Many of these sites have groups to which I am a member and where I also post regularly. This is very time consuming and tedious. I hire someone to do this for me, especially as I am extremely prolific. – I do not use Google Ads, nor do I purchase ads anywhere. Content is KING! Without consistent, engaging content all the purchased ads are purposeless; and with it they are unnecessary. – These employees I find on LinkedIn. Each seems to have a specialty, so I try new ones frequently to implement their special knowledge and talents. – I use LinkedIn for this. It is better to have this employee to be a native of the country in which you do business. Too, their references are much more relevant.

Graphic Art: Fortunately, my webmaster is also very good at this. It saves me a lot of money. Finding graphics online is dangerous. Almost all of it is copyrighted, especially when searching “images” on Google and Yahoo. I suggest using an image subscription service instead. There are many online.

CPA: We have been extremely fortunate to have a US Veteran, who is a CPA, to donate his services and to file all of our essential documents with the IRS and other governmental agencies since almost our inception. We could not have done all that must be done without an involved and supportive CPA.

Temporary Labor: We always employ current serving US Military or US Veterans whenever we can. And we have certainly employed many for long-term jobs too. It is easy for us to do so because we have an exclusive job board for US Veterans to use to find employment with companies that respect their service, and the discipline and the training instilled in these exceptional men and women. Our job board is HirePatriots.

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