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How Struggling Veterans Can Find Freedom

How Struggling Veterans Can Find Freedom

I teach veterans how to find freedom by starting simple businesses. It is my way of honoring their patriotism and the sacrifices they and their loved ones have made. Veterans deserve to have good life without the stress of worrying every month. – By God’s grace, over the last 50 years, I have learned to know and to teach any US veterans how to do this. Together, with each veteran, I build a strong business that supports their family for the rest of their lives. Some build their businesses so big that they employ other US veterans and pay them well with full benefits!

Before I Got Started

I was once very poor. I was 19, disabled, a high school drop-out with a wife and a daughter to support. All I could earn was $1.25 an hour doing menial labor. I was always struggling to make enough every month to pay rent, to keep the car, and for food and gas. If we wanted or needed to do anything else, like go out for dinner, or going to the doctor or dentist, it just was just not affordable.

it was 1969. I hated my life! I was always depressed. I saw no hope for my life ever being better. I had no time to attend college. I was stuck where I was and often thought that I would prefer to be dead. I had to do something to break out of that prison!

Why I Started a Cleaning Business

Military teaches How to Clean

There are many things that every US veteran knows how to do that civilians do not. One of the first things we learn in the US Military is how to keep everything “Inspection Ready!” We are barked at and threatened until we learn how to clean things and make them polished better than anyone in the world can do! – That is why I decided to start a cleaning business.

How I Started My Business

I lived on the coast of Southern California, in a small beach town (25,000 pop.), among a stretch of similar beach towns along our coast, Laguna Beach. I name my business Beach Cities Services. I had an old family vacuum, a broom, mop, trash can, some cleaning rags, and a big bottle of Windex.  I had 500 business cards printed up for $10 and I was ready to go, I thought. So, I built up my courage and walked into a big real estate business in town and asked to talk to the owner. I told him I was a local man with a family that had been trained by the US military to keep everything clean. He seemed interested and asked me how much I would charge. I had not thought about that yet. I had no idea. So, I stalled. I asked to take a look around and then I would write a proposal and come back. Fortunately, he agreed.

I went home and typed up my first bid sheet. It was one simple page. I left a space to write in how many days a week I was to clean, and another space for how much I would charge. I decided that $25 per office cleaning would be fantastic! I went back to the owner of “Lingo Real Estate” prepared to make a bid. He wanted me to clean 5 days a week! I wrote that in and multiplied it by 20 workdays in a month. I was going earn $500 a month for one hour of work a day! That was much more than what I made in 8 hours, digging ditches for the town’s water company!

After a week of cleaning that broker’s office, he informed that he owned 6 other Real Estate offices in nearby beach towns. He asked if I could clean those to. – Suddenly I was making $3000 a month! Suddenly, all my financial worries disappeared in an instant. – All I had to do was to show up and do the same work as I would if I were cleaning a Colonel’s office.  

That is how my new life began. From there, my business continued to grow as word about my good work spread. It got so big that I was able to sell Beach Cities Services for enough money to buy a house, go to college, and take my family to Hawaii for two weeks at a glorious beachside resort. But then my money began to run dry. So, I started up another cleaning business. I knew more than I did before. I built that business bigger and better, California Commercial Maintenance. I acquired a couple of state-wide bank accounts. It was huge! But too huge for me to want to handle. Then, I sold that business too. And later started another…

What I do Now

What I have been doing lately, is teaching US veterans how to do what I did. I have created US Military Maintenance and US Military Clean for that purpose. These are a program of my Veterans charity, Patriotic Hearts.

If you are a US veteran that needs to make more money; and have the desire and maturity to be a responsible businessowner, you may want to give me a call. I help veterans startup many kinds of businesses.  but this cleaning business is the easiest and least expensive to start. And it is the easiest to build to any scale you desire.

Do You want To Talk?

if you want to get rich, this is the easiest and fastest path that there is! But if you just want and extra $5k a month. That is super simple too. You do it by yourself. I could teach you how to do that in an hour. If you want $100K a year after taxes, you can do it by yourself too, but it would be a full time job, in the evenings. Or you can hire other veterans to work for $25 an hour, as you keep an occasional eye on their work quality and earn the same amount and more. There is no limit to how big your business can be.

I have worked with over 100 US veterans in starting this business. A few became giants. They quickly expanded their business into several states and have accounts that earn $500K a year! Some diversified. Once they got their foot in the door with cleaning, they took over the security account, paper shredding, HVAC, window washing, executive car services, lunch trucks, etc.

Most are satisfied with making enough so that they do not have to ever worry again about paying their bills. $100,000 a year is all they need and want. This takes several months of hard work to accomplish; but can be done within a year with time to spare.

I teach veterans how to do this because it is my way of paying them back and honoring their patriotism and the sacrifices they and their loved ones have made. Veterans deserve to have good life without the stress of worrying if they can get through each month. – I can do this for any US Veteran. Then they can build a strong business and employ other US veterans and pay them well with full benefits!

If you’ve read this and said to yourself, “Maybe.” The only way you and I will know if this is right for you is for us to talk. Text me a time that is good for you to talk for 30 minutes. It could be one of the most important calls you ever make!

Mark Baird / 760-847-2561

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