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How to Stay Productive and Profitable

Posted by on December 14, 2022 in General

Your daily habits have the power to radically change your life!

Like many workers today, I do not have an office nor a time clock to punch. I am my own boss. Almost everything I accomplish is done online. I work when I want and where I want. – This may sound like an ideal life. But I still have many bills to pay, a budget to keep, and a myriad of responsibilities that require my time and attention. Therefore, it is critical for me to have a schedule and a routine for completing my work.

However, whenever I make changes with the daily-plan I create for myself, it can disrupt my productivity, my diet, my workouts, and even the amount of joy I experience. I slow down, watch too many sports, too much News, waste hours scrolling through the Internet, eat and drink excessively, cease my daily exercises, gain weight, and I become useless to the world!

Recently, I had a severe sacroiliac attack that crippled me for a month. I was unable to ride my bike and swim every morning. And I was unable to make it to my studio downstairs, where I write, create, and make videos. — As soon as I was better, I went to Mexico for a few weeks. I still worked and produced during this time, although less. But when my phone was lost, that slowed me down considerably.

I have been home from my trip for several weeks. I still have not instituted a new physical fitness routine, nor a work schedule. My “spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak.”

This has occurred throughout my life. I will pull out of this. – Here is a funny thing that works for me: When I was boy there was a best-selling book that was made into a movie, “The Valley of the Dolls.” I only watched a few minutes of it, but what I did see has helped me for decades. – There was a woman who had become addicted to pills, and in the background as she struggled there was a song that played. I sing these few words that I heard from that movie during these times: “I’ve got to get up, got to get, got to get back on my feet again. Yes, I’ve got to get, got to get, got to get back on my feet!” — This always helps to pull me out of my lethargy, and to get back on track.

Do you have a method or technique for putting wind back into your sails when you hit the doldrums?

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