Invest in a Veteran Owned Business

How would it make you feel to invest in a veteran owned business and help a young US veteran get started in life after their military service? Do you have life and business experience with which to advise and mentor them? It will change your life and the lives of others tremendously. Quite possibly, it will be the most rewarding and exciting experience you’ve ever known.

US Military Maintenance is a professional, full service maintenance company that focuses on employing US veterans and paying them good wages. Our veterans have years of experience in keeping everything “Inspection Ready” in the US Military. Now, they are providing this expertise to Building Contractors, Facility Managers, and Commercial and Residential Property Managers that require and expect superior services.

Their military training suits them perfectly for this endeavor. Their rapid success has been amazing! Seeing them succeed and the joy on their faces and hearing the elation in their voices, has been one of the most wonderful and fulfilling experiences of my life. I know that my investment in them has benefitted these US veterans, their families, and all the US veterans that they employ.

US Military Maintenance has helped 45 US Veterans start this business. They are having tremendous success! Our last 4 new owners all earned over $10,000 in their first month. Most USMM businesses can gross $200,000 in their first year. –A realistic expectation of our investors is to earn $10,000 in one year. (It could be much more.)

US Military Maintenance offers you an opportunity to earn a monthly income by helping a US veteran-owned business get started. These businesses are sky-rocketing! Their rapid success has been amazing. There are US veterans all across America who are clamoring to become a part if this great business.

We have dozens of good, hard working US veterans that are eager to get started in this business. Almost all have college degrees. We will present to you USMM candidates in your areas for you to meet, and then you choose which you want to invest in. We have created a suggested agreement for you to use as a contract; but, the terms that you and your USMM owner agree to is decided between you and that USMM owner. (Our suggested agreement is for you to be paid 5% of each monthly gross, with a $3,500 investment.)

Are your interested in becoming a US veteran business benefactor and invest? How would it make you feel to enable them to build a successful business that employs other US veterans? You can be the person who helped make it possible.

US Military Maintenance is a program of Patriotic Hearts, a 501c3 non-profit. Our primary focus is to get US veterans well employed, or to build a successful business that will employ US veterans at good wages. We have created a proposal that has been approved by our current USMM owners, which they agree is fair.

Please contact Mark Baird by text, email or phone to be sent our suggested Benefactors Agreement for your perusal.

We have our national USMM owners team call on the first Monday of every month if you want to listen in. And we have recordings of our previous calls. You can also speak directly with our current owners by scrolling down on our US Military Maintenance homepage: here is a link to one of our new members testimony about his USMM business:

Mark Baird[email protected]/760-730-3734

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