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Jobs & Business Start Ups for US Veterans

Do we share the same heart and passion to serve US veterans and to help them to live healthy, productive, and happy lives? Then we are united in purpose. My Veteran outreaches are partnered with two outstanding groups that are aligned with our cause: The Rosie Network, and ReBoot. Our organization is Patriotic Hearts.

1) HirePatriots.com is our Careers Job Board exclusively for US Veterans. Companies that have a preference for employing US veterans post their jobs on this site.

2) HirePatriots.com also has a unique and extremely powerful Day-By-Day job board. Local residents and businesses use this to employ US veterans when they need extra help with chores, repairs, painting, hauling, landscaping, cleaning, etc. We have been able to help several hundred thousand veterans and active duty here in San Diego, and their spouses to earn good money whenever they need it. This job board is especially helpful to veterans suffering from war trauma. They work alongside other veterans. And they work when they are able. — The county of San Diego business leaders gave HirePatriots.com their Visionary Award for stimulating the county’s economy. — I will build, host and manage this website and job board for your use, at NO Cost.

3) Some veterans need to own a business. If they cannot find a job, or fit into any job, then they need to start a business. Also, veterans who share our passion to assist other US veterans start a V.O.B. so that they can employ US veterans. I have developed US Veterans Enterprises, a corporate covering for multiple veteran businesses. The businesses we create for veterans are managed by this cadre of veteran business owners and executives.

  • US Military Maintenance: This is a veteran business I created. I have helped over 70 veterans start this business in 39 states across America. It is a simple, low cost start up that any veteran can afford, or we will finance him. We provide the equipment, website, training, certifications, marketing, and national and government contracts. Our USMM owners currently employ over 500 US veterans. Some of our owners gross over $1M a year.
  • Employers on Campus: This can be a part-time or a full time business. We work with the National Student Veterans Assn. We bring 10 companies to college campuses and have them present and interview for their internship and jobs. Veterans can make between $2000 to $4000 a month setting up and MC’ing these events.
  • Veteran Entrepreneur Summits: These are hosted by ReBoot. It is a two day event. We are holding a two-day ReBoot event in San Diego this week, September 14-15.
  • CleverTalks: This is sponsored by Mark Cuban. It is also a two day event for veteran entrepreneurs. We have an event here in San Diego on October 11-12.

Our primary concern is for US veteran who have been wounded our who experience the disability of war trauma. I am convinced that the first step to establishing a solid life in the civilian world for these exemplary veterans is to get them financially stable. Only then can they truly begin to reintegrate and to heal. Associated with this essential need is for their marriage and family life to be enhanced. A family that is breaking up is also a very traumatic experience and should be avoided if possible. Therefore, we also hold 3 day all expenses paid military marriage retreats at 4 star resorts. 

This is what my wife, Tori, and I do for US veterans every day. We have no salary, nor any real means of support. But we have hung on for 15 years. We are Christians and know that this is God’s purpose for our lives. So, we are content in whatever circumstances we must endure. As long as we are helping US veterans then we are happy and fulfilled.

US Veterans and your families: We are always be at your service. Any resource that we have is for you too. Please contact us at any time.

Mark & Tori Baird/ 760-730-3734/ [email protected]

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