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Military Clean: A Biz 4 Veterans!

Posted by on July 1, 2020 in Uncategorized

US Military Clean is an easy and inexpensive, national, start-up business that makes great income for US veterans.

When I was a young man, I built-up several successful janitorial businesses. They provided me and my family financial security, peace of mind, and freedom to live the life we wanted, instead of a life of drudgery. I will teach you in just a few hours, EVERYTHING you need to know to do what I did. I also provide each US Military Clean owner with several marketing and networking platforms, as well as TV, radio, and speaking opportunities, in order to help you to immediately leap over your local competition.

HUGE US Veteran Advantages

1. US Veterans are trained and drilled to keep everything “Inspection Ready.” It begins the second you step off the bus in Boot and then continues throughout a military career. No one can clean better than a US veteran! You are already better than your competition.

2. There are significant tax incentives for businesses to hire veterans, (and for you too).

3. After almost 2 decades of war, Americans know that they owe a debt to our US veterans. Hiring veterans makes them feel better about themselves and is a wonderful way to say “Thanks.”

4. Television news, radio talk shows, newspapers, magazines, clubs, businesses, and organizations are eager to hear your success stories. The barn door is wide open for benefitting from thousands of dollars of free media and promotional opportunities. ( I will show you how.)

5. Your competition SUCKS! – Finding a reliable and professional service is a constant headache for the majority of businesses. Many just settle for worse than they desire because they cannot find any better. This is especially true with cleaning and maintenance services.

6. This is a New World! The Pandemic has made professionally certified office maintenance a necessity! I will certify you in three primary areas, and direct you to free online training for additional federal certifications in this industry. Again, this will set you far above the your competitors.

7. Strike while the kettle is hot! There has never been a greater opportunity to quickly grow a cleaning business into a financial windfall that will support you for the rest of your years. 

An Easy and Inexpensive Business to Start

I started my first office-cleaning business because I hated the rat-trap of constantly trying to avoid poverty. I needed to do something to make my life more enjoyable to live. The financial stress of always trying to make enough each month to pay the bills made me rack my brains trying to think of a business I could afford to start. Then I realized I already had been trained in a skill that people wanted?

I started Beach Cities Services in SoCal. I lived in a beach town connected to a string of other beach towns along the coast. I dressed in blue slacks and wore a red polo shirt as I began looking for my first accounts. I would walk in, ask for the person in charge of hiring their cleaning service, make a bid, and walk out with a new account more times than not.

The Winning Close: I reached into their hearts and asked a couple of poignant questions: “How would it make you feel every night to know that US veterans are keeping your business military clean and secure? I answered for them, “It would give you peace of mind, wouldn’t it?” – That was followed with, “Let me ask you one more thing. Won’t it also make you feel great knowing that they are able to support themselves and their families because you hired them?” Isn’t this a fantastic way for you and your business to say, Thank You for your valiant service?!” — Then I would hand them my simple bid sheet with the days of the week they wanted their office cleaned and my price to do so, and point to where it needed their signature. “How soon do you want us to get started?

Now, let me ask you a question. How will it make you feel to work alongside other US veterans again? And how will it make you feel to know that because you hired them, they are able to support their families?

Just like when learning to take apart your rifle and put it back again, there is a standard procedure to follow when starting a cleaning business. If you have been thinking about starting a business, do not struggle through the School of Hard Knocks, let me show you how.

Mark Baird / [email protected]/ 760-847-2561

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