What You Must Know to Live a Fulfilling Life

A SUCCESS PROGRAM For Students, Veterans & Employees

Fulfillment, happiness and success are what most people strive for in life. Too many never find it. But it is there for the taking by anyone who knows how. It begins with our mind-set: “As we think, so are we.” Our lives are determined and shaped by our thoughts. We all have brain-maps that we have built over our lives. Some of these brain pathways must change their direction to free us from habitual ways of thinking that are impeding us from achieving our dreams and potentials.

SOAR to Success teaches students and US veterans the right paths to take to avoid hardship and unhappiness. It is critical for us to take the time to think carefully about our futures, what we want to achieve, our legacy, and how to accomplish what we desire and dream of being.

Soar to Success workshops are designed to help students to learn about careers, internship, entrepreneurship, community service, to be productive citizens, and to prepare them for a purpose filled future.

Learn the steps to achieve your fullest capabilities. Learn to maximize your untapped potentials and productivity by training your thought processes to achieve success. — We provide an introductory session and an online training program that takes you through this life changing process, step by step.

Our interactive method assesses your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes—and helps you to decide upon your ideal career path. Identifying what will give you fulfillment and purpose is a key to living a satisfying life. Then we assist you in developing a working plan to achieve your ideal lifestyle, and to help others too.

This program has received rave reviews from students, bases, and the businesses that participate and employ them.

The Value of Volunteering: Volunteer work is proven to be important for your both a person’s psychological and physical health. Volunteer work is also an important part of your resume. A history of volunteering demonstrates your commitment to the community and a willingness to work for the betterment of others. It is personally rewarding; and, it makes you more sought after by employers.

Many businesses have their own volunteer program, or support local programs. Ask them. – It feels Great to helps others to feel Great too!

Entrepreneurship: America produces more new businesses than anyother country. People from all over the world come here to do just that. We are the Land of Opportunity. But successful business ownership is not for everyone. We teach students and veterans the importance of creating an additional streams of income in addition to what they make as an employee. There are also many social benefits in being an employer that impact a community, as well as the personal satisfaction of being the source of financial support for your employees and their families.

Everyone has or can develop talents, abilities, skills, interests, and expertise that are of value to others. Starting a business that utilizes your unique abilities is a great place to begin. We show you how to bring your ideas into the market and to be successful.

Employer Panels: We invite companies that have current open employment opportunities and internships to participate in the Soar to Success events we hold on high school and college campuses.  high schools, or colleges, or military bases. These companies share about their companies, their opportunities, give advice about being a sought after candidate, and then participate in a speed recruiting session with interested attendees.

Employee Development Program: We also have a program for motivating company employees and teaching them the skills of behavioral, emotional, and financial literacy to make them happier, more productive hires. We bring this seminar to company locations. Their Human Resources departments have carte blanche access to our online education resources for continuing employee enhancement.

If you are interested in attending our events as an as a student, as an employer; or, if you are a campus that would like to schedule an event, please register on http://soar2success4students.com/

Phone, Text or Write: 760-730-3734/ i[email protected]

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