NBC NEWS Report about US Veterans

This is a news cast about an important program for all Americans to show support for our US Military Veterans and their families. It is about HirePatriots. A website with a free One Day job board for US Citizens to use to hire a local them to help with work, chores, repairs, etc. for a day or two.

Check out the MBC Evening News story about HirePatriots.com and how it helps warriors with PTSD. See link in comments below.

Just post your job on HirePatriots’ Local Daily Job Board. A man or woman from the US Military, a US Veterans, or a military spouse will call you shortly. You let them know more about the job and how much you are paying and then give them your address. After they complete the work, you pay them directly!

This simple program has won numerous awards from US Presidents, Congress, and towns and counties for stimulating their local economies too!

If you would like a HirePatriots job board exclusively for you community, let us know.

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