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Nonprofit Fundraising Through eSports and Payments Technology – A Veteran Family Business

Posted by on December 10, 2016 in Biz Ops, For Businesses, For Families, Jobs For Veterans, Sports

My name is Tim Pidcock.
This is about me, but hang in there and read through, because in reality…it’s really about YOU. đŸ˜‰
The Veteran who is looking ahead and wondering what’s next as you grow your family and provide financial security for them.

I’m a 53 year old US Navy Veteran, and small business owner with a family of four, including a Son (19) and a Daughter (16). Oh…and two Jack Russell Terr…orists named Steve and Pearl.

I love my Mom, and Dad, and I love the US Navy and the rest of our Armed Forces.

It might sound mushy but…the day that you volunteered for your service to this Nation, you also became my Brother and Sister.

I’ve lived both with and without, and even made it through a time or two where all I could afford to complement what I had left of a block of that spectacular government cheese and the dwindling remains of a loaf of Wonder Bread, was a couple more cans of soup, or a box or two of Noodle Roni to get me through a few days to my next paycheck.

My career spans 35+ years, and has taken me all around the world, first in military service, and followed by a successful business career where I advanced to run global organizations specializing in Source Selection and Development for my employers, while earning double six figure compensation packages.

I hear tell, I’m pretty good at it… according to my customers, those I’ve worked with and for, and those who have been employed by me. Since the age of 18, my career has taken me to 28 countries, and 149 cities on business or through my military service…and an occasional vacation.

So with all on the level, let me share some perspective and opportunity with you.


Looking ahead and leveraging my global experience…
A few years back, I did what I always wanted to do. I took what I’d already been doing for 30+ years, and turned it into an independent business model where I now select and qualify sources for technology, services and software solutions for my customers who are small businesses and nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes.

The name of my independent business is Blue Waters PS and no…I don’t sell water, but I do deliver solutions that solve problems and drive growth for my small business and nonprofit customers.

The branding image I use for Blue Waters PS is a view…a view I enjoyed at sea from the Deck and catwalks of the USS Midway. Wide open blue ocean with nothing ahead of me. All that’s out there is the vision I have for what is to come for myself, my family and the relationships I open with my customers.


The competition? I don’t see them…They are behind me. Not a single one of them can provide the level of personalized service I provide to my customers.
It’s a beautiful thing…

The core of my business is Payments Processing and Point of Sale Technology for small business and nonprofits. As an Executive Consultant with Affinity24, I have direct access to the best and most secure payments processing and most innovative and flexible point of sale technology from the largest companies in the world in a $4 Trillion (yes… trillion) dollar industry. I also offer ticket insurance for the nonrefundable world of ticketing and events, SmartScan Digital Mail, business intelligence SaaS, customer loyalty apps, small business loans and working capital to keep my small business partnerships healthy.

Experience means a lot…
My background which started with troubleshooting and repairing the Avionics Systems of the most advanced aircraft in the world in the high pressure environment of the flight deck of the USS Midway CV-41, and was followed by 2.5 decades of tech industry and Sr. Management experience, uniquely and eminently qualifies me far above and way beyond the average, poorly trained merchant services or equipment sales rep that walks in the door, or annoys the merchant with cold calls, or sells them a dream and then delivers poor service and support.
Yah…that would annoy me too.
I hate… sorry… I mean… I strongly dislike those guys.


I also train others on starting and growing their own agencies with Affinity24 and love working with fellow Veterans and their families. It’s a great business model that provides the truest form of passive, recurring income there is, and the merchants are starving for someone to open a real relationship with them, show them honest value, true respect, and an understanding for their needs. That’s what I do, and that’s how I train.

The merchants are weary of dealing with other peoples kids who show up and sell them something that never meets expectations only to disappear after the sale. That’s NOT what I do, and that’s NOT how I train.

I love working with Nonprofits.
For example, I process the donations for Patriotic Hearts and Hire Patriots, and I also partner with them through our program, Affinity 4 A Cause, where I improve payment security, customer retention and income for small businesses while meeting or beating their current merchant account fees, and I give a portion of my own revenue from those merchant accounts back to Patriotic Hearts every month.

To be clear on that…

  • I improve my customers payment security, and protect them from fraud.
  • I show them how to retain more of their happy customers, and keep them coming back.
  • I increase their income and profitability.
  • …and I lower their total costs at the same time…
  • …and I give part of my own profit, back to my nonprofit partner, every month.


In working with nonprofits, I know their challenges and pain. I know they all struggle with fundraising, and in particular, with obtaining a steady flow of contributions. They also have a hard time obtaining enough resources, whether employees or volunteers, to sustain and support their cause… and that hurts all of us.

Nonprofits and Fundraising professionals are used to business as usual. They struggle mightily for enough time and talent to chase the same donors and grant dollars, and try to win enough money each year to stay afloat and serve their mission effectively.

Which leads me to the One Solution for Nonprofits and Opportunity for Veterans…
In April 2016, I was introduced to Michael Reddick, the CEO of The eSports Amateur Competitors League (The EACL) and I joined his organization as his Director of Operations while I continue to run Blue Waters PS and have added EACL as my strongest fundraising solution for nonprofits. I’ve been working with Michael and the rest of the management team on building and launching this incredible and disruptive platform into the eSports and Fundraising space.


We are bringing on people into contract positions to help run eSports Tournaments as fundraisers for nonprofits with income potential ranging from $1600/mo part-time, up to multi-six figures every year, while providing up to $38000/year annually in new fundraising for nonprofits at zero cost to the nonprofit.

On Tuesday, 12/13/2016 at 7PM we will be holding an overview event at the eSports Arena in Santa Ana. Register Here and come learn more about us. Also feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected].

To learn more about me, and how I can support you and help you support your family, click here and connect with me on LinkedIn.

I love helping others succeed. It’s the easiest part of my job.

Seriously…I’m here for you…
I’ve made the journey…
Please allow me to help you in yours…

In sincere appreciation of your service to our country.
Tim Pidcock
US Navy Veteran 1982-1988
VFA-192 World Famous Golden Dragons (SSHWFGD!)
USS Midway, CV-41
VX-4, Pacific Missile Test Center, Point Mugu, CA

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