Number ONE for Employing US Veterans!

Our mission is to be the number one company in America for employing US veterans and paying them good wages. — And with the US veteran team we have developed, and with those that are joining us every month, it is being accomplished.

US Military Maintenance  (USMM) was created to put US veterans into a quick, low cost, business start-up that can make them excellent income right away. It was also created as a way to get more US veterans employed. It has been very successful at both. US Military Maintenance is a non-profit program created for those purposes.

This program has already greatly exceeded our expectations. We have dozens of USMM owners across the nation, with success stories to share. Hundreds of US military, veterans, and their spouses are being employed by our owners at good, livable wages. More owners and employees are being added every month.

USMM owners often diversified their services. In addition to cleaning offices and facilities, they might be trained and certified in a variety of additional skills associated with maintenance too: HVAC, Hauling, Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Landscaping, Construction Clean-Up, Painting, Power Washing, Executive Car Washing, Pest Control, Handyman, Floors, etc. — If you have such skills, or want USMM to train and certify you,  we can show you how to those additional services to multiply the value of your USMM business.

Are you a hard-working, mature, veteran who desires to achieve the best possible for yourself and your family?  US Military Maintenance will work for anyone who works it. Too many US Veterans have proven this to be true, for it not to be true. Call, text, or email and let us know that you want to learn more about joining our US veterans team. After I explain our program, I will ask you to call a few of our USMM owners and talk to them before making a decision to join us.  We want you to feel certain that this is the right move for you.

760-908-5339/ [email protected].

US Veterans Enterprises

USMM has quickly grown so large and successful that now our top-tier USMM owners are forming a separate, for-profit business that unites themselves under one corporate umbrella. This will allow them to acquire national contracts and to sub-contract with prime government contractors. They can reap the benefits of being a Battalion of US veteran business owners, instead of many independent local owners doing their own thing.

This new corporation will be able to institute military standards, procedures, and control over the quality of services they offer nationally. (Our charity is not able  to do these things.) – This is a goal USMM owners can shoot for, because not anyone can join this elite team. You will need to qualify by proving that you possess the maturity, management skills, hard work ethic, and business acumen required to qualify.

By starting your business first with US Military Maintenance, you will be able to grow your business quickly and employ other veterans at good wages.  You will be able to form a solid financial foundation that will prepare you if you choose to join this US Veterans Enterprises.

Mark Baird

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