Our Childhood Dreams

This picture represents a frequent dream I had throughout much of my life. I could fly! All I had to do was decide that was what I wanted to do and then jump up. Soon, I would be floating softly above the trees and telephone poles. “You must believe!” I would tell everyone one who wanted to fly like me too. — It took faith. — “If you believe that you can fly, then you can!” I kept exclaiming. But no one else ever could. That was frustrating, but it did not stop me from flying almost every time I went to sleep. — It was a wonderful feeling of freedom.

I had other dreams that occurred which were not as pleasant: Suddenly realizing that I was walking naked down a busy street or at school was common. But I learned in my dream that if I as long as I acted like I was doing everything normally that no one noticed. — Another one was waking up and realizing that I had forgotten to attend school or that I had not gone to work for a very long time.

I my advancing years, those dreams have disappeared. I rarely even recall my dreams anymore. They have faded. — But there is one other memory of dreaming that I will never forget. It happened sometimes just before waking when I was 3-5 years old. — Here is a poem that mentions this experience in my new book, The Breeze of Romance: Poems for Loving Couples.


I remember Angels bathing me with song and caresses

In a dream when I was a boy.

Since, I have been looking for a woman

Who, as then,

Could bring me such joy.

There were far too many

In whom I sought fulfillment of this quest.

I was ready to surrender

And settle for much less.

But now, my search has ended.

From ceaseless wandering, I can rest.

In you,

I’ve found my Angel.

At last, again, I’m blessed.

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