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Payment Cyber Security and Point-of-Sale System Certification


Affinity24 will be hosting a Consultant Certification Course in Payment Cyber Security and Point of Sale Systems on Saturday, 1/28/2017 from 9AM to 4PM, at our Tustin, California Head Quarters.

There is ZERO COST to participate in our Certification program.

This Consultant Certification is for Veterans, their family members (must be 18+ years old) and other professionals seeking full-time career change or additional part-time income in a $4Trillion recession proof industry.

Affinity24 - Tim Pidcock
Affinity24 Payments Cyber Security and Point-of-Sale Systems Certification

Wide Open Career Opportunity!

The field of Payments Cyber Security and Point-of-Sale Systems is booming due largely to the EMV Directive that requires merchants to update their point-of-sale systems, or be held accountable for $36,000+ in penalties and costs in the event of a data breach.

Affinity24 Clover Go
Affinity24 Clover Go for Mobile Payment.

Credit Card Fraud and Data Breach Is Greater in the USA Than The Rest of the Word Combined!

We’ve all heard about the larger scale breaches at places like Target, Home Depot, PF Chang’s and others over the last few years, but what few know is that 90% of all data breaches affect smaller businesses. This is true since the small business owners don’t have the time to think about it, or have not been educated by their current providers on the exposure posed to their business. The cost of breach, and the resulting 31% average loss in business at the affected merchant are potentially catastrophic.

Affinity24 takes this very seriously, and we are leading the industry with our Certified Consultant approach that will set you apart from the traditional “Merchant Services Rep” or “Relationship Manager”.

Affinity24 Executive Consultant - Tim Pidcock
Affinity24 Executive Consultant – Tim Pidcock

No One Does it Like Affinity24!

Participants will be Certified following our  proprietary Affinity24 training and continuous improvement program. After certification, our newly Certified Consultants will continue weekly training to build expertise and confidence, and will also be taken on field training to establish their initial customer base, and earn some sweet commissions o0n equipment sales, as well as start the process of building residual income from the secure payment processing accounts.

90-Day Field Training and Earning Your First Promotion!

Field training will continue for 90-Days (hours are flexible) with one of our Managing Consultants or Executive Consultants there to show them the right way to open relationships with merchants. The goal of the field training is to reach the new Certified Consultants first promotion to Senior Consultant as soon as possible, but no later than the end of the 90-Day field training. At that point, the newly promoted Senior Consultants will be on their way to building lifetime residual income.

At the end of the 90-Day Field Training, the Certified Consultants will be evaluated, and set on the path to their next promotion to Managing Consultant. From there…the sky is the limit.

Clover Mobile Affinity24 - Food Truck
Clover Mobile Affinity24 – Food Truck

41,000,000 Potential Customers in the USA!

Potential customers for our Certified Consultants include, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Auto Repair, Trades and Field Repair businesses, Salons, Law Practices, Medical and Dental Practices, Veterinarians, Optometrists, eCommerce…there are 41,000,000 small businesses in the United States…and most of them are processing credit cards through a variety of Point-of-Sale systems.

The Point of Sale systems that Affinity24 specializes in are installed and operating in venues like The Honda Center in Anaheim, and The Rose Bowl, and in small businesses like your neighborhood Barbershop or Flower Shop….even in Food Trucks! These proven systems have been installed in over 500,000 businesses since 2014! Bottom line is…if the business takes credit cards, you will be able to help the business protect from cyber crime, and will also be trained in how to help them grow their business. They’re going to love you!

Get Certified!
To register for our Payment Cyber Security and Point-of-Sale System Certification, and Certified Consultant Field Training program, contact Tim Pidcock, Executive Consultant at Affinity24, [email protected] and he will get you registered and provide all the details.

Clover POS - Affinity24
Clover POS – Affinity24

If you can’t make it on Saturday, January 28, 2017, don’t worry! Contact Tim anyway as there will be other opportunities to achieve this valuable certification. Attendee’s are welcome from all across the US, as we will be hosting a live webinar in tandem with the the event in Tustin, but we ask Southern California residents (especially in Orange County) to attend the Certification on site at our head quarters as it will give you an advantage, and allow you to meet the leadership team at Affinity24 as well as see and interact with the systems that you will be certified on.

Clover Mini - Affinity24
Clover Mini – Affinity24
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