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Religious Fanaticism

Why are religious fanatics the most violent people on earth? How many wars have been fought, how many lives lost, and how much suffering has been inflicted in the name of God?! Why do Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhist kill each other? – And why do they use race and nationalism as the prime tool for recruiting, rather than the core beliefs of their faith?

Most of us can agree that there are foundational pillars of behavior that permit worldwide peace and prosperity to flourish. The cornerstone of that foundation is: Mutual Respect for our Differences (race, religion, and politics). The next pillar would be: Respect for Law and Order. – All major religions endorse these societal standards; but the pressures of our current times push people toward extreme measures.

Fanatics support Fascism: “A political movement that exalts nation and race above the individual and that stands for a one -rule government headed by a dictatorial leader.” – They are opposed to government “by the people, for the people, and of the people.” – I am confident that most people oppose Fascism; yet throughout human history, there have been many more despots, dictators, and kings than democratic societies.

So, what are all the peaceful and loving believers in God to do when confronted with the corruption of their theological tenets that are retooled and used for fascist persecution of all who do not bow down to their supreme leader and commit to their political and religious belief?  

As a fellow believer in God, and in a government that represents the variety of faiths, races, and cultures within its nation, I am challenged by this question. – And I look into my sacred scriptures for guidance. From within its pages, I am told to stand firm and to endure. – We who live by the foundational rules of humanity are surely to be tested during these times. Hold firm! Regardless of the chaos and cruelty that may occur, do not allow your heart and conscience to be polluted. Keep the faith. And pray!

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