Seeking American Patriots

American Patriots
From Pres. GW Bush & Obama

American Patriots love America, its Constitution, our freedoms, our diversity, the opportunities to create a better life, and the freedom of religion. Protecting and assuring the continuance of these precious rights requires the support of our US military and veterans. Patriotic Hearts has been serving them for 15 years.

Two US Presidents have awarded Patriotic Hearts medals for its unique Hire Patriots employment programs, which assists thousands of US veterans every year. And PEOPLE Magazine featured us as their “Americas Heroes Among Us.” They profiled a wounded warrior with 3 children, one of whom was afflicted with Leukemia, and how the day-by-day jobs offered on the website kept his family housed, fed, and able to pay medical bills. Read the article HERE.

Patriotic Hearts improves the quality of life for all US veterans, especially wounded warriors. Patriotic Hearts provides the means for them to support themselves and their families. We offer day by day, part-time, and fulltime employment. We also create businesses for US veterans to start and to employ other US veterans. We provide step by step mentoring, training, certifications, and additional resources for them to get their business up and running and making good money right away. – And because of the tremendous stress and hardship that military services burdens marriages, we host a free, 3-day, military veterans marriage retreats at luxurious resorts every year.

What makes America great are our patriotic citizens. Become a member of the patriotic movement sweeping across America.

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