Speaker for Military Marriage Retreat

Some people and couples are gifted in engaging and inspiring marriages. They are informative, helpful, and full of fun! If you are one of those special people, please consider helping some war-worn US veterans and their spouses to enhance their marriages.

For several years, Patriotic Hearts have been hosting marriage retreats for the US Military and Veterans. The cost of serving in our nation’s military can be very high. Not only can you lose your life, but many also lose their spouses. During the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, US infantry with a rank of Private to Sergeant had 90% divorce rate!

San Diego has 150,000 active duty and 300,000 veterans living within its county borders. We have been serving them through our charity, Patriotic Hearts for 18 years. To help prevent these broken marriages, suicides, and hopelessness we have built multiple programs. And nationwide, we have assisted ten of thousands.

We have been renting suites in the beautiful Marina Suites Inn within Oceanside Harbor. The rooms are beautiful and romantic; and all have views of the ocean and the harbor. Our military guests arrive on Friday afternoon. They stay until Sunday noon. During that time, we meet 4 times for 2 hours. In between, we have meals together. And then we leave the rest of the time for couples to enjoy being away from kids and stress for a few days.

Our next retreat will be in February 2023. When they arrive, my wife and her helpers will make each room extra romantic with flowers and gifts. And we have fun competitions and give a way presents too during the weekend. And when they leave, we give each a large, framed photo of themselves beneath a flowered bower with the sun set in the background over the ocean. This is for them to hang in their time home as a commemoration of their special weekend. And each frame has our counselors’ contact info on the back. If ever needed, they are available 365/24/7.

Of course, as a non-profit, we must keep our expenses low. Please keep this in consideration if you are interested.

Mark Baird / [email protected]/760-847-2561

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