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Why Veteran Owned Businesses are Important to Society

This article gives the reader a deeper understanding of our US Veteran experience and challenges, and a way to help them get started in business. The impact of veteran owned businesses is far greater than most civilians realize. Citizens that serve in our nation’s Armed Forces are bound by their mutual experiences, hardships, and often […]

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How I Help Veterans & Businesses

I have been helping US veterans since 1970. Mostly, I worked with Vietnam veterans. I mostly was involved with counseling and employment. And I still do that now but much more effectively since the advent of the Internet. I estimate that I have helped in excess of 100,000 US veterans so far. My goal is […]

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Must Have:When Leaving the Military and Getting a Job

Must Have Items when Leaving the Military and Getting a Job by Sean M. Wheeler, USNR-Ret If you are planning to leave the military and want to maximize your job potential, there are several things you’ll need to get done to prepare for the job search: – Make copies of your DD214 (electronic and paper) […]

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