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The Best Life is at the Beach!

Posted by on June 28, 2022 in General

In Southern California there is a little town that has been an “art colony” for 150 years. It hosts several art festivals each summer. – My father grew up in this town, as well as me, my sisters, and our children too. We all consider it our “hometown” no matter where else we may be. The beaches of this town are all separated by rocky coves, which are as beautiful as any in the world. This town is Laguna Beach.

When you live at the beach as a kid, you are down by the water all the time, surfing, playing volleyball, and hanging out with your friends. It is a very active lifestyle. Almost all the kids are tan, thin, and athletic because we are outside all the time. – The beach life is a healthy life full of sun, surf, and fun.

In my days, homes and rents were as affordable in beach towns as it was anywhere else. But that has radically changed. The 2-bedroom house I rented for $200 a month, 2 blocks from the beach in 1972 would go for $4000 today, or more. If one is upper-middle-class they might be able to afford that. But for the rest of us, we now have to look further south to Mexico, where homes and rentals at the beach can go for as little as $400 a month.

Many Americans live in Mexico during our cold months, south of the border, and then come back to the states in the warmer months. These travelers are called “Ex-Pats.” They have formed communities in almost every town and city in Mexico, so there are always fellow countrymen with which to fellowship. – Many Mexicans make their living by serving tourists and expats from across the world. Their hospitality, food, and friendliness is famous! And there are many retirement communities for Americans and expats that care for the elderly in beautiful homelike facilities, at prices far below those in the U.S.

If you dream about a easier, slower, sunnier, and far more fun life, consider living at the beach. – And watch our travel videos on YouTube as we travel to beautiful places in Bessie the Patriotic Bus.



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