The Help Military Families Need

Military families face unique challenges that can make financial stability difficult. Here are some key factors:

Frequent relocations: Frequent moves disrupt employment and career progression for spouses, leading to gaps in income and difficulty building job security. This can be compounded by licensing and credentialing requirements that vary by state.

Deployment cycles: Deployments strain family finances and emotional well-being. Unexpected deployments can disrupt childcare arrangements and require additional expenses.

Housing costs: While housing allowances are provided, they may not always cover the full cost of rent or mortgage, especially in high-cost areas.

Limited childcare options: The availability and affordability of childcare varies widely across military bases and surrounding communities. This can force spouses to leave the workforce or pay high childcare costs, impacting income.

Predatory lending: Military families are often targeted by predatory lenders who take advantage of their financial vulnerability and lack of financial literacy.

Combat-related stress: Returning service members with combat-related stress or injuries may face physical and mental health challenges that limit their ability to work, further straining finances.

Separation anxiety and stress: Frequent deployments and relocations can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges for both service members and their families, impacting overall well-being and potentially leading to increased healthcare costs.

A SOLUTION: Patriotic Hearts, a 501c3 charity, helps struggling US Military and Veteran Families pay their “end-of-month” bills, such as rent, utilities, car payments, food, childcare… through their program.

Please DONATE. You can donate here: – Please specify “Military Families Aid.”

WE also accept Car Donations. We pick up within 48 hours and give you a tax deductible receipt. Just call: 1-888-433-6202 anywhere in the USA.

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