The Patriotic Business Plan

This method is not a concept. It is a reality. It is a strategy that has been used by businesses for almost a decade, and won numerous awards and accolades. It incorporates traditional, as well as 21st Century techniques and technology. The Patriotic Business Plan is the most comprehensive plan available for modern businesses that want to leap over their competitors and to take the lead. If you are a leader of a community service club, a school teacher, a pastor, or a patriot, this book is also for you. And if you are a US veteran who has longed to do something meaningful for your brothers and sister in arms, this book will show you how..

About the Author

Mark Baird is the founding director of Patriotic Hearts a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit devoted to helping US veterans and their families. He is driven by this mission: To create a nationwide employment safety net for veterans and their spouses. He hopes that the readers of this book will embrace this dream as their own and participate in making it happen. What if every US region had their own HirePatriots job board? Then every willing and able US veteran would be able to work and earn money every day. Mark Baird is past chairman of the California Economic Council and past secretary of the United Veteran Council. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Merit by President Bush, the President’s Volunteer Service Medal by President Obama, the Visionary Award for Creating Economic Development from the city of San Diego, and the the Extra Mile Award by the Chamber of Commerce.

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