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The Veteran Advantage when Starting a Business

In my experience, after assisting US Veterans with finding good employment or starting businesses, the greatest advantage is for veterans to start their own business.

Being a US Veteran is not always an advantage when seeking employment. Companies are now acutely aware that recent US Veterans leave and seek other employment more than the average civilian employee. Some companies now are leery of taking the risk on recently transitioned veterans. – However, there are a few job boards that cater exclusively for US Military and Veterans.,,, are some of the most prominent.

There are tremendous advantages for starting a Veteran Owned Business. The American public is acutely aware of the immense sacrifices and suffering our US Military has endured for decades. Most of us share an overwhelming sense of obligation to express our gratitude. Consequently, when a US Veteran provides a legitimately good service or product via his or her business, most Americans will buy from the veteran, if given the choice.

Yes, even during this Covid epidemic as businesses open and close their doors, US Veterans still have a big advantage over any competition. Americans are confident and proud of how our US Military members have kept us safe since 9/11. There is no one we trust more to provide services that also protect us.

And what business is the most important to keeping office employees safe from this dangerous and deadly Pandemic? Commercial Cleaning businesses! And who will most American trust to keep them safe? US Military Veterans!

US Military Clean
A buisness start up for US Veterans.

Our veteran outreach, US Military Clean, assists US Veterans with starting their own successful Commercial Cleaning business. These companies can earn an amazing amount of money. Literally, a healthy veteran working alone can earn six figures a year. But if that veteran employs other veterans, he can be in the millions.

Commercial Cleaning businesses acquire three kinds of clients. 1. They work with Real Estate Property Managers. 2. We clean any size business office, or facility, from a tiny barber shop to a multi-million square foot stadium, usually at night, when everyone is gone. 3. We clean construction sites, during and after construction. Afterwards, we maintain the “General areas.”  – These clients are always available, even during Covid. And again, US Veterans also have an advantage over all other commercial cleaning competitors. Again, it comes back to who the public trusts the most. “You kept us safe overseas during our recent wars. Now, you will keep us safe in our homes, and in our offices.

US Military Clean is an office maintenance business for US Veterans to own. It is not a franchise. We create independent veteran business owners. US Military Clean is a program of a charity, Patriotic Hearts. We have been building these businesses for 5 decades. It takes just a few hours of preparation and training. – In addition, we provide you with all new equipment for getting started, complete training, certifications (especially for Covid), and a host of marketing platforms and avenues for expanding your business.

US Military Clean not only gets you ready practically, but also mentally. We refire your military confidence and encourage you to utilize the great training you have already received. Our most successful US Military Clean owners all incorporate the training techniques employed by every military leader from Lance Corporal and up.

Is this business as easy and profitable as I have claimed? Join our monthly National Team Call, first Thursday of every month, at 4 PM Pacific Time.

Thursday, August 2, please use this link to find out more.

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Mark Baird/ US Veteran Advocate

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