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Like most Americans during the first 2 year wave of this current pandemic, my wife and I spent an extraordinary time at home watching cable television. We watched a lot of “Vloggers” on YouTube. (Tim &FinBackpacking BananasThe Country Collectors…) I think that because of the relaxed Covid restrictions in Mexico, it became the number 1 place in the world for tourists, and for digital nomads who did not have to work at home and could live anywhere. Some of these were “vloggers” who take videos of everywhere they travel and post them weekly. — We watched several get started from scratch and then have over 100,000 subscribers within a year! The exceptional had millions!

Seeing the huge numbers of followers that travel vloggers were getting, even those who are not very good, we have chosen to start our own. Our purpose is to bring awareness to our Cause: US Military, Veterans, and their Families. So we have created a site using our “tatted-out” Bessie the Patriotic Bus. We are already traveling to beautiful places. And learning as we go. Come with us! Let’s have fun together!

I had hitched-hiked into Mexico long ago as far as Guadalajara (1500 miles). It was one of the most memorable times in my life! But then I got married and began an adult life. I took my family on vacations to Hawaii, instead of Mexico. The news about the drug cartels, hordes of aliens on our borders, and dire warnings by the US government made me stay away. But these young vloggers were not finding any of that to be true. In fact, as I had experienced decades ago, they found the Mexican people to be the friendliest, happiest, and most hospital people they had ever met. — As long as foreigners stayed away from drugs and obeyed the laws, there was nothing more than having to endure and pay for dubious minor traffic violations.

So my wife and I chose 5 areas of Mexico that we wanted to explore. First, we spent 10 days in the lower section of Baja California (Baja Sur). We stayed in La Paz, Todos Santos, Los Cabos, and San Jose Del Cabo. We stayed in $30 a night Air B&Bs and a $1200 a night Resort. We visited the popular tourist spots, and we walked a distance and explored the real Baja Mexico and the people who live there. We ate at street vendors, Mom &Pop restaurants, and at the fancy places. — By doing so, we discovered our “travel style.”

Now, we are planning our next trips to Mexico. In November we are going to Puerto Vallarta for a week to hopefully meet up with a lovely married couple that we have fallen in-like with via their videos, The Kenetic Kennons. They are an amazing young, entrepreneurial couple who post really fun videos every week and who have chosen to live there. — We learn so much about how to travel inexpensively, where to stay, what to do, where to eat, and where the best places to visit are by following in the footsteps of vloggers who have already been to and explored where we want to go too.

After that trip we are eager to travel deeper along the Pacific coast of Mexico to Oaxaca where Puerto Escondido and Huatulco and their tropical, undeveloped beaches lay, waiting to soak-in their peace and solace into our souls. Of course, then we must cross over to the Caribbean and the Riviera Maya in the state of Quintana Roo.

One of the things that has enchanted us most about Mexico is its art. In many central cities and towns houses are decorated with colors and artwork and flags waving above walkways and streets. — We must visit so many interiors places too: their museums, festivals, churches, traditions, and food. — We hope that you come with us!

The YouTube Channel we are developing now is: Bessie The Patriotic Bus: We Travel to Beautiful Places. Come with Us!

We are doing this because it is fun and we think our friends will enjoy watching too. — But our higher purpose is to bring attention to our US Military, Veterans and their Families, and to assist our efforts to help them.

Mark Baird

  • P.S. My personal favorite vlogger is an athlete from Sweden who got a scholarship to run for Texas University, William Taudien. He is a bit of a krazy kook, but I love his personality and character. He is working on building his YouTube following high enough so that he can continue his travels and have them paid for by YouTube.
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