Tremendous Opportunity 4 US Veterans!

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Military Clean will transform your life! Instead of being an employee who serves your boss, you will be the boss! It works! In the last 5 years, I have helped over 100 US veterans start this business. Some are now wealthy and employ hundreds of veterans every day.

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You will be provided everything you need and know exactly how to acquire and maintain multiple office cleaning accounts. You will learn from someone who has acquired hundreds of accounts. As a US veteran, you have a tremendous advantage. I will show you how to utilize your veteran status to make you one of the most successful, respected, and liked businesses in your county, state, or region of the U.S.

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You will know how to market your business for free on TV, radio, press. You will be invited to speak at multiple business organizations and clubs too. And you will be the STAR at every networking meeting you attend!

You will have a professional and clean looking website for your business, (, as well as a Yelp page and a Facebook page for your business. We will also build you a free job board for your local residents to post jobs for US military and  veterans in your area.(See article:

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You must be certified in order to be competitive. You need Green, HazMat, and Bloodborne Pathogens certifications to be considered truly professional, and rise above your competition.  

Opportunity is Knocking!

You will receive a discount on all printing. Order from Tell them you are with the 501c3 Patriotic Hearts and you get a discount.) My webmaster will help you with making your logo when you design it. And we have already-made graphics too.  

It will take 1 week to get you ready. Then you will be prepared to acquire accounts and earn significant income. — Set a 2 hour appointment with me. Call or message: 760-730-3734. 

This is an Opportunity of a Lifetime! Is it for you?

For Reference: In 2020 we changed our name to “Military Clean.”

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Mark Baird

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[email protected]

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