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What Does Medical Burn Out Mean for the US?

Posted by on July 1, 2020 in Uncategorized

With the extreme added work and stress during the Corona Virus Pandemic it has certainly reached the breaking point for the majority of our health care professionals.Burn out from being overworked while under extreme stress has always been a problem for those in the medical profession. Many have not been back to their homes or seen their spouses and children for months, while they dedicated themselves attempting to save American lives.

The recent resistance to social distancing and the wearing of masks, which has caused all their efforts to be wasted, as we see a new wave enveloping our states, is devastating to our doctors and nurses. As hospitals overflow and many more die, we will definitely see a increase in doctors and nurses leaving their professions. We already have.

As the need for more health care professionals increases in the U.S., we are hiring foreigners from other countries to take their places. But that means our doctors and nurses must take time to train them how to use the computer system, the names of the doctors to call when needed, and the hospital procedures. This distracts hospital staffs from attending to dying patients.

If we Americans cannot unify and heed the instructions of our foremost physicians to social distance and to wear masks, then we are doomed. All of us are now imprisoned within our own borders. No country on earth wants any Americans because of our inability to act wisely and control this virus, as they have. We are considered as the greatest fools on earth.

All great kingdoms come to an end. And the average length of most kingdoms is about 250 years. Is this the end of America being the great light and hope of the world? Are we about to fall because of the amount of ignorance in our population?

Since our current government has refused to provide the national leadership and direction we must have during this immense crisis, perhaps America will become divided and split into Red and Blue states. States will unite and close the borders to other states. Our economy will collapse. Different sections of our country will need to negotiate with foreign leaders independently to sell and to buy. Just as we have seen Europe break-up and reform themselves into many more independent countries, will America see this happen too?

Mark Baird

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