A Business Just for US Veterans

US Military Maintenance is a business created especially for US veterans that want to employ and work with other US veterans.  — Thank you for your service! Now it is time to work less and enjoy more. — Here is a great way to continue serving our country and helping other US veterans. It is based on my experience when I got out. I started a janitorial business because I could not find a job I could keep or wanted. It was not glamorous work at first. I did all the cleaning myself for a few months, until I had enough accounts to afford hiring other veterans to do the work for me. And when I did, my business exploded!

How I Started

I looked for new accounts. And had those I had trained to train the new employees and keep these office clean. Military veterans liked this work. It was at night. No one was in the office except them. It is peaceful. — And I always paid them well. I could afford it. Each account earned about $125 an hour. I could start guys out at $15 an hour and still earn the lion’s share of the profits. It dramatically changed my life!

I had accounts up and down my state of California by the end of a few years. I sold the business to two Marines, and retired. But I was young and doing nothing got boring. So I started another janitorial business, Built it up and then sold that. I have done that 6 times since then.

What I Do Now

These recent wars, and the injured US military and K.I.A.s broke my heart, so I began my NPO, Patriotic Hearts, and have employed several hundred thousand US veterans and their spouses, and put several hundred into various businesses, since then. It has given my life added purpose. I wake up excited because I am doing what I love: Helping US veterans get the feet on stable ground.

A lot of US veterans feel the same as I do. Their greatest desire is to help veterans like themselves. It fills their lives with excitement and purpose too.

A Proven Path to Success

It does cost our NPO about $2500 each time we get a veterans started. We provide, equipment, website, training, certifications, and ongoing mentoring. We have built our reputation to the point that we will soon be getting Gov’t contracts. That meeting is on September 14. We are also being vetted for several large, national accounts with banks, Union Bank, Wells Fargo, and Chase have contacted us. And the size of the accounts we are getting are growing larger and larger. I just helped a USMM owner make a bid for the San Diego airport parking garage, 2,000,000 sq. ft! That will gross $500,000 a year.

We do not approach businesses as a “janitorial business.” We approach them as US veterans who want to talk to the owner/manager about “employing US veterans.” This is our cause. And it works wonderfully! — I have written a “best seller” book several years ago that explains my Cause Marketing method: The Patriotic Business Plan: Strategies for Sensational Success.

Anyone who follows my plan makes good money right away. You have many veterans who have gone before you that have blazed a path. They will also be helping get your business started. Our team is committed to your success

What USMM Owners Say

This is great opportunity for the right US veterans. I am the founder and the Trainer. Let me know if you want to know more, or move forward. And for confirmation of my claims, please listen to interviews and some of our team calls:

1) How to Solve Veteran Unemployment This goes into more details.

2) Here is a link to our August, September, and October team calls: https://fccdl.in/HsEg9P2Lr / https://fccdl.in/S1D978HKE / https://fccdl.in/LknZ2KzrM

3) If You Want to Own a Business  A recording of a USMM team call.

4) Friends of Veterans Radio: This is a station that has interviews with some of our USMM owners.


Mark Baird/ [email protected]/ 760-730-3734

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