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Should Veterans Be Paid Minimum Wage?

No US veteran should be paid minimum wage. US veterans deserve good, livable wages, and the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. The 1% of our American population who answer our country’s call to defend our nation with honor and with their very lives, should be provided the means to become employed well, or to become an employer.

US Military Maintenance (USMM) was created to assist US Veterans in building their own businesses and employing other US veterans at good wages. We are a team of independent USMM owners that work together for eachothers’ success. Some of our owners have full time jobs; or, they may own another business too. Others throw themselves into USMM from the start. Either way, we are having great success. Dozens of our USMM owners across America are supporting themselves and their families. But the best part is that they have created teams of other US veterans that work for them. They have a bond like a family. And our USMM owners make more than enough to pay these veterans well.

Joining US Military Maintenance can be a life changing experience. You will be a member of a national team of other USMM owners. Most of them are eager to assist and to mentor you too. You can earn good income immediately. You also learn the basics of this business. Our plan is for you to start by yourself (or with small squad of hard working veterans), and to develop a platoon, battalion, regiment, and then an entire division of US veterans. — The USMM owners who have already accomplished this will be your mentors. They will be your “Point men.” (Some of these successful USMM owners have kept their full time jobs like some of you will choose to do too.)

The majority of our work is keeping professional offices “military clean”: offices, schools, restaurants, banks, corporate centers, manufacturers, etc. These are long term contracts. They are usually done in the evenings. It is reliable, steady, monthly income, on which to build a solid financial rock beneath you and your family; and enough to employ other US veterans at good, livable wages. Commercial accounts can range from 600,000″ sq. ft.+ facilities, to business complexes, after construction clean-up, and clean-up of real estate properties for rent, lease or sale.

We get you started simply. It just takes a few days to get your equipment shipped. During that time, you will receive several OSHA certifications, your customized website, and your marketing materials. We will get you prepared with step by step instruction on: How to incorporate; How to get your first accounts; How to hire; How to bid; and much more.

.Before deciding to follow this path, consider carefully: Are you ready? Do you possess the maturity, perseverance, personality, and character to be successful?

If after serious consideration and talking to your spouse, you decide that  this is what you have been waiting for, then give us a call or text to set an appointment: 760-730-3734.

Connect with me:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/markbaird/

Mark Baird



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