Veterans: Keep Your Job & Start a Business

Veterans: You can keep your job and start a business. Starting a business can mean devoting time and energy to a side hustle that can eventually become your full-time gig. Businesses aren’t born overnight, and having a source of income while getting your business off the ground can be a key to success.

US Military Maintenance is a program designed for US veterans who want to own an independent business. By making you successful right out if the gate, you are able to employ other US veterans and pay them good wages. This program is offered through Patriotic Hearts, a 501c3 non-profit.

Keep your jobUS Military Maintenance has dozens of new entrepreneurs who have full time jobs while making tens of thousands managing their own business. We are able to leap over what competition we have because it is in an industry that is rife with untrained, uncertified, uninsured, unprofessional labor.

We get you started is residential and commercial maintenance.This may the lowest cost, legitimate business to start. For less than $3K you will be ready to start earning hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars a day. The experienced veterans we have in USMM will mentor you too. Many earned $5K to $10K in their first month, and more. Some at their 6th month mark earn $100K, and $250K in their first year. We have owners that have made over $1M to $500K by their 3rd year.

LOGO (1)Here is this month’s TEAM CALL of USMM owners. October Call:  This program has proven to be far more successful than I ever imagined.

This business has a multitude of areas into which you can grow. Every new veteran that joins our national team has some knowledge that makes us stronger; and that makes it easier for other veterans to achieve success quickly.

Here are some good links for you to look at and listen to and learn more about our program to create successful US Military Maintenance owners.

1) How to Solve Veteran Unemployment This goes into more details.

2) Here is a link to our 2017 August and September team calls: /

3) If You Want to Own a Business  A 2016 recording of a USMM team call.

4) Friends of Veterans Radio: This is a station that has interviews with some of our USMM owners.

Join our next team call: They are held on the first Thursday of each month, at 8 AM PST.  Call-In 712-770-5160 / Access: 784646. Hear from actual veteran owners of their own US Military Maintenance companies.

Please fell free to contact me so if you want to talk, or to fill in more details.

Before veterans sign our agreement, I always ask them to talk to members of our team. I never want a veteran to just take my word for this opportunity. — “In the mouth of two or three witnesses let a thing be confirmed.” (Duet. 19:15)

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