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Wanted: Director: Veterans Gardens Pacific Palisades

Posted by on June 11, 2020 in Uncategorized
Veteran Gardens

Position Title: Director of Veterans Gardens

Director of Veterans Gardens

What: We are seeking an energetic, accountable, enthusiastic veteran to manage all park activities at Veterans Gardens, including managing and running all bocce leagues. Candidate must have successful experience in hospitality/sports management sector. (www.veteransgardens.net)

Veterans Gardens is a spectacularly reimagined area of the Palisades’ town park – including 3 world-class bocce courts, and number of garden areas with picnic tables. The 3 bocce courts are the home of the Palisades Bocce Club, with numerous bocce leagues and other activities’ leagues.

Position Role:

To manage and oversee all activities within Veterans Gardens in the Palisades Recreation Center. Activities include, but aren’t limited to:

  • All activities as it relates to the bocce leagues. Organizing the leagues, leading the marketing and promotion efforts for the various leagues, managing all online communication with all league players, managing and running the league matches (and picnics after the leagues), tracking all results from all leagues, managing all finances related to the leagues, managing all on-going new media of league play.
  • Distributing bocce balls and all related-bocce services for those playing bocce during the day.
  • Learning/knowing all rules as it relates to bocce – and becoming, in time, the resident bocce expert.
  • Concierge services for all guests in Veterans Gardens. May include offering waters, newspapers, possibly coffees, etc. to all Veterans Gardens guests.
  • Hospitality services of wiping down picnic tables, making sure grills are always clean, cleaning up after guests’ visits Veterans Gardens.
  • Collaborating with the Director of the Park – assuring all activities align with Parks and Recreations.
  • Organizing and running a number of activities in Veterans Gardens, and providing all promotion/marketing services to execute activities; such creating a weekly chess club, checkers club, bridge club, a “Taco Tuesday” weekly event, etc.
  • Presenting information to the city parks board or the city council on budgeting and other departmental matters.
  • Involved in the fundraising initiatives for Veterans Gardens.
  • Supervising volunteers, landscaping/gardeners, etc.
  • Keeping inventory and upkeep of games, bocce courts and additional equipment.
  • Managing Veteran’s Gardens Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Responding and resolve sensitive and public inquiries and complaints.
  • Developing, preparing, and administering budget; including cost estimates and justifications.
  • Developing and implementing policies, procedures, and schedules.
  • Maintaining close relationships with Palisades community groups and individuals regarding program offerings and coordination of services.Attributes Required:
  • Veteran.
  • Very accountable and organized.
  • Strong, elevated social and people skills.
  • Great work ethics.
  • Willingness to learn all-things related to bocce — with a strong penchant for sports. (We will help the individual with all-things bocce).
  • Very pro-active.
  • Positive and likeable.
  • Strong sales abilities to engage individuals to the leagues.

Veterans Gardens’ Director of Development
Kate Danielson
[email protected]

The Pacific Palisades is an affluent residential neighborhood tucked between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Temescal Gateway Park offers hiking trails with sweeping coastline views, and the sandy Will Rogers State Beach provides access to a 22-mile beachfront bike path. Landmarks include the sumptuous Getty Villa museum showcasing Greek and Roman antiquities, and the mid-century modern Eames House.Population: 28,000 (2018)CityLos Angeles

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