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War Widows and Orphans

War Widows and Orphans

On Memorial Day we honor the brave men and women who laid down their lives for our freedom. But our remembrance must extend to the families left behind as well.

We must hold in our hearts the families who have been forever changed by their loss. Widows left with a gaping hole in their lives. And Orphans growing up without a father or mother’s embrace.

These families carry a unique burden. They endure the constant ache of the absence of a life cut short. On this Memorial Day, let us not forget.

Military Families Aid helps relieve the financial burden of widows who face a future forever altered. And the orphans who grapple in a world without a parent. Through our program you can demonstrate your respect and concern for them.

Your car donation enables us to help the families of our fallen. Please pass the word!

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