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Wars End for Us, Not for Them

Posted by on September 29, 2022 in US Veterans

Soon after wars end the passionate support of our troops who fought wans. It dissipates like fog when the Sun rises. But the enduring wounds, pain, and losses of our US veterans does not. Patriotic Hearts has walked alongside of these heroes for decades. We are here for them! We focus on 3 things: Healing them from inner wounds, strengthening their relationships, and providing means for them to support themselves and their families.

HirePatriots.com includes an exclusive Careers job board for US Veterans. And its One Day job board provides daily jobs at residents’ homes and yards.

Military Enrichment Retreats are all-expenses paid 3-day retreats at the lovely 4-Star Marina Inn Suites at the beach.

Horses 4 Healing Heroes provides ranches across the country where US Veterans and their families can be involved in “horse therapy.” It has been used for thousands of years to heal from immense trauma.

American Heroes Publishing assists US veterans in writing good books and getting them published and distributed across the nation and the world. – This too is therapeutic.

Car Donation 2 Veterans accepts cars and trucks in any condition as a means of providing services to those who have served. We pick up for free in all states within 24- 48 hrs. of calling 888-433- 6202. And you receive a charitable receipt for your taxes.

Please visit Patriotic Hearts to find out more and to see how you can participate.

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Mark Baird

Hello, I'm Mark Baird and I founded Hire Patriots. My wife and I are 'helpers.' We are concerned about meeting the practical needs of our US veterans and their families. We began a job board for local residents to post chores that they need help with. It has been very successful. Thousands of local US Military and veterans partially or entirely support themselves from our website. We are looking for others near US Military bases who would also like to have a HirePatriots.com website for their location. Find more information about our military programs at PatrioticHearts.org. And please make a contribution of any kind. Thank you.

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