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We Need A Vacation From Working

Posted by on August 11, 2022 in For Families, General, Interesting

I am about to take a long overdue vacation. It has really been more than ten years since my wife and stopped working for awhile and forced ourselves to enjoy life like we did when we were kids again. — We tried to take a vacation 3 months ago to Baja Sur, but we did not plan well and exhausted ourselves moving from one hotel and destination to another and got no rest. Instead, we got hot, tired, and irritated. So, we are going to give it another try in November.

This next time around, we want to prepare better and travel less. We are staying at two places, in Lo De Marcos for a week, a quiet, tropical beach town with less than 1200 people, in Nayarit. From there, we will explore Sayulita and Puerto Vallarta.

And then we fly to Mexico City, and on to Puerto Escondido in small single propeller plane. We have a spacious house on a hill with views of the ocean and sunsets, and views of a dense jungle behind us. We will stay there for a month. This is the number 1 destination for digital nomads right now. It is filled with entrepreneurs from across the world, as well as native Mexicans. The beaches and the food in this Oaxaca town are famous across the world.

But before we go, I have created a long list of projects to complete. I do not want to have to work for 5 weeks. I want to play and be a kid again.

It makes me nervous when I do not work because I know that the things that I must do are piling up. I am unable to feel good about myself and to relax until I have completed several hours of good work each day. I go to bed by 9 PM and wake at 4AM just to get a head start on my workday. Getting the brunt of it done by 10 AM frees me to permit myself time for coffee, toast, and the news. After that, in order to adhere to Plato’s edict, “a strong body makes a strong mind,” I go and ride my bike along the beach road for 8 miles, and take a 1 mile swim. After that, I go back to work around 2PM and work until 6PM.

Hopefully, my wife and I will be able to let go of the pressure of accomplishing work for 5 weeks. I think I need this time off in order to prolong my life. I am addicted to working. Will I be able to change my ways? Is it possible for an adult to reverse time for a few weeks and be young again? — I hope so.

Mark Baird



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