*There are many, many more great comments from residents and businesses that use HirePatriots.com. Please give us a call so that we can get this program started in your area. And if you are a business, we have a great strategy for expanding your business with our popular cause. (Mark Baird: 760-730-3734)

Some Comments from HirePatriots Users

“Thanks Mark for all you do to support our military families. My husband deploys to Afghanistan this Friday. We, the family that will be left behind really appreciate people like you. Your HirePatriots program has helped us pay our bills many times. And now we know that after my husband deploys, if I need to earn extra money I can. Thank you for caring about the active duty members and the families that are left behind. –Lisa”

I also want to thank you for all you do for us veterans. I really never knew until recently, there were great organizations out there like yours that are willing to help us. The Soldier for Life- Transition Assistance Program, ((SFL-TAP), old ACAP) paints a picture of gloom for us retirees. They show us some federal programs but not all the private organizations out there like yours.

Once again, thank you for your assistance, I look forward to my transition and plan on letting my peers that are exiting, know about the assistance your organization can provide.

Joseph Suto

MSG, USA Assistant Inspector General

Recently, I went through the Hire Patriots website hoping to hire someone to repair my Pergola for me. To my great delight and good fortune, Hank Arends contacted me and said he could do the work. Not only did he accomplish the task, but he did so efficiently, cost effectively and in a very timely manner. His work ethics are impeccable and his people skills are outstanding. As an East Coaster, I am very fussy about manners. I am happy to say that Hank is a gentleman of great principles. I would hire him back in a heartbeat and recommend him without any reservations to take care of your carpentry needs!
Sincerely, Colleen Dunn, MEd, CAGS

After my ad for a housecleaner, I had at least 10 e-mails and 15 phone calls.  I wish I could have used them all.I know how long it is between pay days.  I had a call from a young Marine, that just wanted some extra money and it reminded me about 4 young Marines that I hired during Viet Nam to clean up a house for me and my children to move into. All I had to do was feed them a home cooked meal and let them play with the kids and watch tv. Just a good old fashioned G.I.party.  Siemper Fi  Barbara Freeman.

About 7-8 years ago I had a gap in employment (the only way I could have gotten lower was to chew through the metal of my barrel). Not sure how I found http://hirepatriots.local/ but I did. I used the one day jobs to help bridge the gap and contribute to my family. If the skill set fits or your looking for a good fit in your company culture, look to a veteran. Most of us just require the opportunity. We’re driven to be successful and willing to learn. Thank you to those few that provided me the opportunity. Thank you to Mark Baird for bridging the gap a few years ago.

My husband and I, both retired Navy, can’t thank you enough for this absolutely SUPERB web site!!  As the USMC would say, BZ!!!!!  I am a retired Navy nurse.  I was in from “64 to 90.  My first duty station was Oakland in 1965…my patients were all Marines, amputees – Vietnam casualties.  SO, I DO LOVE MARINES!!  We posted for someone to come and help us with our 1 1/3 acre yard and within 24 hrs had about 5 responses.  I contacted the first one, “Big Al” who came a few days later and he did an absolutely fantastic job for us.  As his schedule permits, he will be back to work again.  Also contacted the second responder, a Ist SGT, who has 5 children.  He and his oldest son came by this last weekend and they will both be here next week to help us with multiple chores. 

I am so enthused about your site that I even put an article in our church newsletter and I continue to tell everyone I come in contact with all over the country about what you are doing.  It is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!  Keep it up and may God Bless you.  What a super WIN,  WIN solution!!!  We don’t hire illegals, our military folk (who don’t earn what they’re worth to begin with!!!) get some extra cash (and nothing is declared so they get the full amt without paying into taxes etc.)   Again, our heart felt thanks for what you are doing.  Keep it up and please do let me know if there is anything else I can do to help!!  Will also see if I can get your site published in the Navy Nurse Corps Assoc. Newsletter!!!  God Bless,  Sandy Holmes  :)))))

Hi Mark – my sister has been sharing these emails with me and I would very much like to make a contribution to your website.  I assume it’s obvious when I go to the site?

I also wanted to say that I think you and your wife are fantastic for starting this website.  I heard about it years ago thru the Roger Hedgecock show on KOGO and immediately posted a job.  I didn’t hear back on that posting (probably because the site was so new)…  but I tried again about 8 months later and had 9 responses within 2 days.  I have been hiring Marines ever since and I love it.  I tell everyone I know about the website and several coworkers and friends have used the site.  No one has ever had a bad experience.

Thanks for what you do… thanks even more for helping to honor our dad. 

 One last silly thing.  I have a friend that is married to a young Marine named Mark Baird.  Great name isn’t it?  :O)  

 Joanie Spence

Dear Mark and Victoria:

Hire Patriots is one of the best things ever – benefiting everyone!  I am so thankful for your good work.


Caprice Hall


I just wanted to say thank you for this website.  I’m a Marine wife, mother of 3, (pregnant w/ another) with a deployed husband and there are certain things that I just can NOT physically do.  I’ve used the website twice to hire really great help and wanted to say thank you for providing this service.  I’d much rather hire an AMERICAN MARINE Patriot than put more money into the pockets of illegals and now I know where I can go to get the hands to help me.

Good luck & best wishes in regards to this website.  I don’t think I can thank you enough!

-Janet Cece

As a first time user of your HireMarines website, I wanted to let you know about my first experience as a “day job” employer.  To say I was 100% satisfied would be an understatement!  I had the pleasure of hiring Ed Schmitt, Sgt. USMC out of Camp Pendleton to help me out with a painting project.  Sgt. Schmitt was everything you would expect in a Marine – polite, courteous, prompt, clean-cut, and a hard worker.  I don’t know if you keep files on the Marines who use your service.  If you do, please make a note in Sgt. Schmitt’s file that he is an excellent worker.  I will definitely use your site again!

Thank you, Chip Levinson

We got a call just an hour after posting, so we are very pleased.  This is a tremendous service! —Susie Kidder, El Cajon, California

Spring cleaning? Bring in the Marines

Want to spruce up your house? Want to help our economy? Want to help our servicemen? Here’s the answer. Hire a Marine!

About six weeks ago, we saw an advertisement for Hiremarines.com. This Web site is for Camp Pendleton Marines. We posted our job request, which asked for someone who knew how to work with electrical jobs, familiar with planting and experience in painting. From that ad, we hired two Marines from Camp Pendleton at $8 an hour each. We have been thrilled with their work, their work ethic and the jobs they have done for us.

They have planted, they have stained wood, they have moved heavy objects. They speak and understand perfect English and they are happy for the work. They show up on time. They clean up after a job, and they’re interesting to talk to. You just have to talk to them while they’re working, as they really don’t do the water cooler thing.

These guys would do any American proud. Want to bring in the Marines to help you? Go to www.hiremarines.com or call (760) 231-5089.

We think this is a win-win situation for us residents here in North County and our military, who work so hard to protect us all.

DEE NUSSER/ Fallbrook

Dear Mark and Tori:

Thank you alerting the OCS Foundation to your excellent veteran’s service site.  Although DoD has many worthwhile veteran’s programs HirePartriots.com seems to have struck a positive chord with both veterans and the general public.  Not another hand-out program but rather programs that provide the veteran with a dignified transition back into the real world.  I compliment you, your wife and staff on your effort.

FYI: The OCS Foundation www.ocsfoundation.org  is in the process of re-designing its various websites and I will recommend we include a direct link to your site, along with an endorsement of your service.  Also I suggest we consider further collaboration between our  www.officerfamilies.com and www.operationpaperback.org sites and your  www.operationhomefront.net  site. 

Best Regards:

Russ Watson, Chairman/CEO

OCS Foundation

Hi Mark & Victoria,

I wanted to let you know that I have personnally used this service a few times, and I love it. I mentioned it to my sister, who lives in San Diego, and now she is hooked. She belongs to a Toastmasters group in San Diego and mentioned it to her group and everyone was very excited to hear about your company. So, I thought I would let you know that word about Hire Marines is spreading- and my sister is doing the talking!  My sister is also a Realtor, and she has been telling people in her office. Anytime anything needs doing, we think of Hire Marines right away. The guys seem very happy too. They have all been very gracious, and friendly. I usually will make lunches for whoever I hire too. They love that.  So, I thought I would let you know…..
Thanks again,
-Cathie Koosmann
Oceanside Chamber of Commerce


I can’t put into words how much I appreciate you. After 23 years in the Navy it can be a little intimidating when I think of leaving the Navy and starting over in the civilian sector.  But with that being said it is my time to transition and I can’t put into words how important it is to me to be able to come home to Corpus and watch my 8 year old son grow up.  Thank you again for all the support.  I want to give you one of my retirement coins in person as my way of saying thank you.


Security Officer

NSF Diego Garcia

Subject: I love this site

We’ve hired help several times through your site, it has been an excellent resource, and we’ve been thrilled with the guys we’ve hired.

It’s a good thing you’re doing… Thanks for doing it.

 Best, Megan & Jeff

Our allied group Patriot Defenders Network followed San Diego’s lead after chatting with Mark Baird. We felt it fitting to include them as our “Heroes at Home nominee for January 2006” as an inspiration to others. Via this message, we also invite Townhall.com to encourage local Townsquare chapters to spread the word –Staff: Operation Homefront – Sacramento


First off please let me tell you that your web site is great.  I have been using it on and off for over six months and have met a lot of great people.  The extra money I have earned helped out a lot.  I have “repeat customers” who have also recommended me by name to their friends.  I thank you for that.

Thank you for your time and effort.  Have a great New Year.  God Bless

Sgt Thad I. Airhart/ Sergeant USMC

Hi Mark,

I wanted to share a great experience I had after you mentioned the www.hiremarines.com website a month or so ago.  Rather than find cheap labor with questionable immigration status, we went to the website, posted a painting job at $12 per hour, and had 8 responses in the first day!  Peter Green was chosen to do our paint job, he worked diligently and precisely this weekend, and we could not have been happier.

 It is a good feeling to both help our servicemen directly by providing extra work for them, and knowing that one less illegal alien was hired this weekend.  Let your listeners know, this service works, and works well for both you and your Marine!

Michael Bitler

I am just writing to say that my fience and I apreciate this site tremendously. We dont make much to get by so we go to your sight when in need…which is more often then  we like. I am in the navy and he is a Marine we are both stationed here on Camp Pendleton. Once again thank you for

Teresa Blankenship

Thank you for your support.  My Dad was a veteran of WWII and my husband was in Vietnam in the 60’s.  It is great to see the support out there and your continued efforts to keep our military in the forefront of our thoughts and prayers.

 God Bless, Liz Ortiz

Hi folks, first let me say that I have used your website to hire part-time Marines for help around my ranch in Pala, CA. They have been great and I currently have one man working for me every Saturday. I enjoy their stories and discipline and they enjoy getting back to the country (many of the Marines I have hired are from the Midwest and have grown up on farms). I have also promoted your site to other folks, especially in Temecula, and have gotten great reports from the folks whom have used them.

Thanks, Jon Hoxter

Didn’t expect anything for advertising and getting a good Marine. We have worked together three times now and he does a great job, in fact I am leaving on a ten day trip and leaving the yard care up to him. — Thanks again for your kind service.    — Reuben (Bart) Bartoletti

To the Bairds— I just wanted to drop a note reiterating what fine Americans you are!  I’m hoping that I’m only one of many that has expressed to you how refreshing it is to see the public compassionately embracing their armed forces–quite the contrast to some of the stories in the media.  Our junior Marines are indeed underpaid for what they volunteer to do, and that can lead to some hard financial times.  What a great way for you to support them and the nation—I can but imagine how appreciative all of them are.  As I move on to Camp Pendleton this fall, I am delighted to know that people such as you comprise the local community.  You have truly shown a spirit of “Semper Fidelis,” being always faithful to those who protect this nation

With the utmost of respect and thanks,

Steve, Major, USMC

I am about 18 months from retiring, I am currently station at MCAS, Yuma, AZ, I am a Preventive Medicine Technician working at the Branch Medical Clinic.

I just find out about this site and I already know that is going to be one of the sources for me to look for a Job locally or somewhere else, I just want to thank you for this service that you are providing to help those that are retired as well as the ones like me about to retired.

HM2, Jose
BMC Yuma, AZ

Thank you for assisting the veterans in transitioning and pursuing their new second careers.  Carl V. was talking very highly of you and mentioned you were a “God’s Send” to him and many others. — Again thank you for what you do! Peter S. — A Director within Homeland Security

We’ve hired help several times through your site, it has been an excellent resource, and we’ve been thrilled with the guys we’ve hired. It’s a good thing you’re doing… Thanks for doing it.

 Best, Megan & Jeff

Good morning!

Thanks for putting the ad on your website for me. A young Marine called this morning and will be here tomorrow! He was the first call.

What a wonderful program. It should be in the headlines of all
newspapers and on TV.

Marie Forbes

I am so excited to have found your website.  I read about you in the North County Times and knew that this was where our company wanted to look for our employees. Powerhouse Plus is looking forward to working with you in the future.

Best regards, Jean

Hi Mark,

Thanks for taking the time to talk on the phone. I will be praying for God’s
continued blessing on all that you are doing. I will call for an update and
stay in touch. May God encourage you as you serve Him!

Mark B
Calvary South County

Hello, My name is Sgt L. and I just wanted to say that your site is great. I am a Career Retention Specialist and I have morning meetings every Tuesday.  I have been getting the word out about your site.  I just wanted to thank you both for your dedication towards Marines and their families.  Also I have applied for a couple of jobs on your site myself. Hope to hear some good news from them.  Thanks again.

Sincerely , Sgt L/USMC

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am that you have created
this fabulous resource to connect people like me, an older single
woman, to able Marines who are willing to do small jobs (and big
jobs) that are hard for me to do.  Harold came and painted the
inside of my garage, put up a curtain rod and is coming back to put
in window locks and hang closet doors for me.  He said he’d also
remove a little tree in my front yard and do some other yard work.
Thank you so much for making this web site available.  It is very
heartening to be able to help the Marines, while at the same time
they are helping me!  I’m telling all my senior friends about this.

Vista, CA

I visited your website today, was recommended by my husband’s friend.  I just want to take the time to let you know how much we appreciate that website.  Many times marine families, especially young marine families find themselves in a bind for money and its nice to know that someone out there is watching out for us.  I’m completely overwhelmed to see how much this community gives back to their military and I am proud to be living in Oceanside.  Thank you for your support!!!

 Good Morning…
I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful site.  My husband just
recently decided not to     re-enlist in the Marines after being deployed to
Iraq twice and had been overwhelmed with the need to work while waiting for
a permanent job to come through.  We just recently had a new baby and I
didn’t think people realized how difficult it is to live on a marines pay
and even more difficult when he’s in the transitioning stage.  We were
recently given your sites name from a family member and are very excited to
see that there are things for him to do in the meantime.  Thank you for
setting this up, it’s a wonderful idea, and I personally know many honorable
young men that will take advantage of it.  The decesion for him to not
re-enlist was difficult, as he loved his job, but I think that this gives
him some faith that things will be okay untill he settles into something
permanent.  Thank you again.

Allyson S

We just found your site!   Good work!   This is awesome!

I own an accounting firm in Carlsbad.  My husband just retired from the USMC in November.  

We posted a job, but I am also interested in supporting your site with some advertising.   Please email the info!

 Thanks! Tina M

Hi Mark and Victoria,  Just saw the article about your enterprise of the front page of NC times.  Great PR.  Also wanted to let you know that the job I posted was quickly filled by two nice young guys (they are all nice aren’t they) and after three evenings at our house they did all the tasks we asked for and were unfailingly pleasant and willing.  Now I am trying to decide whether to contact them again or give someone else an opportunity for any future jobs.  We were very satisfied.  Cheryll P

What a great site.  Thank you it’s a great resource!  I just posted a job for a sitter for my dad.  Hopefully I will get a nice marine or spouse to sit with him until I get home from work in the evenings. 

Mark / Tori,

There are many things that would benefit all that participate in the site.
I foresee the site becoming a regular tool for Marines to better supplement
their incomes.


 I am a former Marine living in San Clemente and saw your ad in the The Scout. I just visited your website and think it is fantastic. I will pass the info on to everyone I know who is in need of some kind of help. Thanks for your support.

Semper Fi

I want to thank you for this great opportunity.  I just returned from Interviewing a great young Marine who
will be perufect to allow me to open my Club on weekends to get more youth off the street.
Thank you so much for this site!
Peggy R
Retired Marine!

 You guys are awesome!!  Hiremarines.com is a fabulous idea. I have posted the link and information to your site on a community board we maintain for about 280 families throughout south Orange County (we are a high school marching band, orchestra, color guard, jazz and wind ensemble booster support group). There may be somebody who can offer work up in this area for any marine families living here locally.

Best Wishes for much success with this site and to all the Marines who need it!!  Thank you VERY much!

Mark & Tori,

My hats off to you for what you are doing. I am a
former Marine and think it is a great idea. Just
posted a job on the site and plan more in the future.
I only see two supporters of your site. Is this
correct? If so what do you charge for advertising a
company. I am the sales manager for Realty Executives
and would like to contribute. Keep up the
great work.

Chuck M

I am mother of two active duty marines One in Iraq and the other in Okinawa. I want to thank you for your website, it touched my heart. I will make sure I pass it along. I sure will advertise for you.

Thank you, Grateful mother

This site is a wonderful idea.  My husband and I live in R. H. Senior Homes.  We have a
number of residents here in need of part time help from time to time.  The need varies from gardening, home repairs, painting, running errands, someone to take them grocery shopping or appointments to doctors, etc.  Individuals to help out in the home – cleaning, making meals, etc.   We have a number of residents here who are retired Marines and  therefore would like to support other Marines who would like extra part time work. — Anyway, think you are doing a terrific job and we will let residents of our community know about your service.


Although I do not live in Camp Pendleton(we’re on Recruiting duty and stationed in Carpentersville,IL) if this were around when we were in Miramar my hubby would have signed up!! At the time we were struggling hard and any little extra money would have helped enormously. 

I just want to THANK YOU for thinking of this brilliant idea and making it come to fruition!!! Your site is beautiful and refined but your hearts are pure gold!!!

 Best Wishes, Aileen

This site has really provided many qualified and resourceful applicants.

I share this site with people I know as it is really worth knowing.



Good Morning,
Thank you for what you do.  I heard about this site from the Chamber of Commerce and I thought I would look into it.  I am a Cpl in the Marines and I was looking for an extra job and lending a helping hand.  I have just been blessed with a newborn (9 weeks) and now it is getting tough financially on myself and my wife.  If there is anything that I can assist you with please let me know.  Thank you for your time and your help.

Cpl E


My name is Aurelia, I am a marine wife. Thank you for putting
this website I think is a great idea. I have forwarded your email to all my
friend and to a two major companies that have jobs available.

Good Luck!

Hi!  My name is Shelia and I work at the Beachcomber barbershop on

Sundays and Monday holidays.  You came by and dropped off some of your cards yesterday.  I handed them out gingerly as you didn’t leave very many.  I’d like to ask if you could stop by again and drop off many more.  We’ll get at least 500 Marines through the shop today alone.  I also will be working at a salon over in Vista the rest of the week and would be happy to hand them out to potential employers over there in the Shadow Ridge area.  Thank you for your effort and energy in helping our troops.  I, too, share your passion when it comes to our young people in harms way. I posted a job on there this morning myself.  Thank you again!!!!


I just wanted to say Thank You for putting together a wonderful site where Marines like myself can search for some extra income. I had a group of students and parents do a walk through of my workspace yesterday and I was told about this site. It is such a wonderful idea, and it’s a great way the local community can give back to the Marines who sacrifice so much to serve. It is people like you, who make Marines like myself want to serve. Just a quick note to say Thank You and God Bless.

 SSgt M

Mark and Tori,

I wrote you months back saying thank you for your site and now am writing to tell you about the great Marines that helped me last weekend.

I had to move and two Marines named Zach (Sgt) and Owen (Cpl) came to my rescue. They were very professional and hard working, as I knew they would be. I live in San Clemente so it was a decent drive for them and they pulled through tremendously. I could not have done it without them.

 I was thinking, if it wasn’t too difficult, to have a thank you section where “employer” posts feedback about their interactions. Just food for thought. I would have definately taken the time to thank those guys in words.

 Thanks again.



 I tried HirePatriots and I did find help and got my mission accomplished.   I have lived in Westlake Village for almost 40 years now and I would be happy to help you with City connections, etc. The Seabees, of course, are stationed just outside the Newbury Park community ion the coast just north.    Let me know if I can be of help getting you known.   I left Hollywood Storage today where I ended my mission and told them about your program in which they seemed impressed;  and who wouldn’t be!!!

My experience with HirePatriots… was phenonomal;  in fact I doubled my payment to the veteran who helped me. And I felt it  was well deserved.    You  may
quote me on that! — Thank you again for your support on a Sunday;  I appreciate that very much! — Geneva N.


Bless you for what you do.

Semper fidelis, Keith Kopets, LtCol, USMC

Good Afternoon, I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your  service in regards to my job posting. Our job has already had 15 views, where my Monster.com posting has only had 3 since Friday. I will definitely be using your site more often when it comes to posting jobs because of this great experience! 

Thank you Lauren Briggs

I just wanted you to know my company R.E. Chaix and Associates hired three patriots. My boss was thrilled with the program and we certainly hope to use the program in the future. I personally know how wonderful the program is but Tim had not had the pleasure yet. 

*There are many, many more great comments from residents and businesses that use HirePatriots.com. Please give us a call so that we can get this program started in your area. And if you are a business, we have a great strategy for expanding your business with our popular cause.

Mark & Tori Baird
CEO HirePatriots.com &
Patriotic Hearts 501 c3 non-profit

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