What Will The Future Bring?

Has our Corruption become as prevalent as it is when empires, kingdoms and great countries collapse? Across the world common liberties are being curtailed. Borders are being ignored. And Right and Wrong have become blurred or obsolete.

The Pendulum is swinging! The world is on its way toward being ruled by dictators. And the world peace all nations sought in the aftermath of World War II, we never hear spoken about anymore. In its place are talks of war and more wars to come.

Consequently, the critical global issues like the warming of our planet, waste, food, water, energy, and more are not being addressed, compounding the complexity of threats to human life.

The danger is that we are facing several critical world crises that threaten humanity’s extinction! Compounded with the increasing threat of nuclear war, this is not an exaggerated view. Any rational person, unafraid to face reality, already knows this.

What do we do? In truth, I do not think that there is anything to halt the rapid decline in liberties and the rise of Totalitarianism. That is already inevitable, as is nations not taking effective and immediate actions on our myriad of other global issues.

It comes down now to reflecting on our own primal questions about Life in general. — Is this all that there is? Is there an afterlife? Is there a God? – Our answers to these questions will frame how we react, endure, and persevere through the surety of hard times ahead.

I have just published a book that offers insight, hope, and steps to take to prepare and to persevere, with strength and confidence, through those days of trial. It contains a host of ancient prophecies about our current times and what is to come afterward. It is titled The Highlands of Heaven: The Messiah and His Kingdom to Come. It is available on Amazon.  

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