Cause Marketing Packages

Let us customize a Recruiting, Marketing, Sales and Employee Retention Program for Your Business.

  • An employee community outreach

    • Assists local US military, veterans, their families

    • Helps local residents and businesses too.

    • Sole sponsorship of customized HirePatriots website with a free community job board for region’s residents to hire local US military and veterans to help with chores and repairs.

  • Media Interviews

  • Major TV News affiliates (ABC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, NBC)

  • AM Radio Talk shows

  • Friends of Veterans Radio

  • Regional newspapers and magazines

  • Greater access to US Military bases and Personnel

    • We will show you how to navigate through US Military protocol and to establish an approved relationship permits you to share your message with those that serve.

  • Targeted hiring event for your company

    • We invite job seeking US military and veterans to your company or designated meeting space to receive a transition seminar, and a presentation by your company recruiters.

    • Lunch is provided

  • Headline Sponsorship of a Regional Event

    • Job Fair

    • Golf Tournament

    • Business Expo

    • Other

  • Inclusion in HirePatriots Job Fairs

    • On US military bases and online job fairs

  • Sponsorship placement at all Patriotic Hearts events:

    • Concerts, retreats, job fairs, …

  • Unlimited Job Postings

    • On HirePatriots’ Careers job board for one year.

  • Top-tier banners

    • On HirePatriots homepage and Careers job board

  • Monthly Blog posts, Social networking, and SEO

  • Promotional Email

    • Sent to tens thousands of US veterans and their supporters.


Mark Baird

[email protected]


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