Programs for US Military, Veterans, and Spouses

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Patriotic Hearts focuses on helping US military members while in service, when they transition, and until they are stable and secure in their Home, Life, and Job.We provide our services to all and any US military veterans, and their spouses. – We endeavor to connect them to community supporters, employers, and anyother charity or program that can assist their specific needs.


Horses Help Heal Us

Stronger In SaddlesPatriotic Hearts is the charity for a Horse Rescue ranch in the Tanaja Ecological Reserve in Murrieta. We are developing this 20 horse ranch into a Horse Therapy center for our nearby Wounded Warriors at Camp Pendleton, and for others in need of this tremendous recuperative method of healing, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. We are always in need of people who want to volunteer to help us care for our horses. And we are always eager to receive anyone who is passionate about this project. Currently, we need to develop a Board of those who can assist us in building this ranch into a critical facility for recovery, hope, and healing. 

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US Military member painting local home

HirePatriots has two job boards exclusively for US military, veterans, and their spouses. Local Day Jobs: was created in 2004 as a job board for US Military personnel and their families to earn extra money when they need it. We began with a free job board for US residents to post chores that they need help with around their homes and yards. Since, this job board has spread across America and employed tens of thousands of US military, veterans, and their spouses. – It has also made America more supportive of our young troops who risk their lives to protect ours. meeting these wonderful men and women is a real delight! Often residents and the US Military people they hire create friendships that last for a lifetime! Please post here: Read More

We Employ US Veterans

Full Time Jobs: Hire Patriots provides a top-of-the-line, national job board for any size company. If you will post this on Hire Patriots, then I can send it out to my tens of thousands of US veteran job seekers via a link to your job posting within a blog post. I will write about you, the company, and each open position you post and send to me. This works! Read More

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US Veteran Enterprises: We mentor US veterans in starting businesses. And we create start-up business opportunities for veterans to own. By doing so, we create more jobs for other veterans. Most of the veteran entrepreneurs we have helped have achieved financial independence through the companies we assisted them in forming. – We have a team of US veteran mentors, all of whom have created successful businesses from scratch. Please let us know if you would like some mature advice from seasoned, professional veteran business owners.

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US Military Cleanis an easy and inexpensive, national, start-up business that makes great income for US veterans. Over 100 US veterans have started this their own US Military Clean building maintenance business. Collectively, they employ hundreds of other US veterans every day. We provide absolutely every thing you need to begin making good money right away: Business plan, Marketing plan, customized website, Facebook page, Yelp page, training, OSHA certifications, bid sheets, phone call scripts, bidding scripts, logos, letterhead, presentation portfolio… Give us a call to find out more and to see if this is the answer you are looking for.  Read More

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Military Marriage

Military Marriage Enrichment: Strong marriages and families are the backbone of every enduring and prosperous nation. We provide retreats for US Veterans with combat related disabilities and their spouses. They have endured so much on our behalf. Now they are struggling through the highest divorce rate of any US demographic. We host them at a 4-Star retreat, located in Oceanside Harbor, with views from every window. We treat them to presents, meals prepared by a chef, group and separate marriage counseling, and a large framed picture of them in a loving embrace with our contact info on the back, (just in case it is ever needed.) – These retreats costs us $5000 to host for 3 days. We accept up to 12 couples. Wounded Warriors always have precedent. Please help by donating for us to host another this year. We have hosted nine, so far. Help us keep this going! Read More

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People Magazine’s “Heroes Among US”

Patriotic Hearts is a 501c3 charity providing Life Skills, Employment, Business Ops, and Mentoring to America’s Military, Veterans, and their families.

If you choose to donate and participate in asisting America’s military defenders of our life, liberty and happiness, you can do so HERE.

Mark Baird Founder

Mark Baird 300 Carlsbad Village Dr., Ste 108A, #159, Carlsbad, CA 92008 — Phone: 760-730-3734 — [email protected]

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