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A For-Profit Business Plan for Non-Profits

Without a for-profit business plan most non-profits will fail. Creating a non-profit is usually stimulated by a higher cause that motivates us to sacrifice our time and resources to fulfilling its mission; but, without a sustainable business plan that creates profits, you will need to be independently wealthy. Grants and donations, no matter how much […]

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HirePatriots’ Business Plan

HirePatriots.com is a free community website and job board for locations around the U.S.. Our primary mission is to assist U.S. military members, veterans and their spouses. We do this by working synergistically with local businesses and organizations. We have developed a unique cause marketing plan for businesses and a great US veteran recruiting concept […]

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A Patriot’s Business Strategy

I am currently writing this book. It will be available online and in book stores in early Spring 2014. It is being published by Motivational Press. My passion has always been to create opportunities for others to share their wisdom, talents, services or products. I have built multiple businesses, taught school children, coached sport teams […]

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