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Never Forget America's Heroes

Do You Have a “Patriotic Heart?” A Veteran Charity

Patriotic Hearts act as a lifeguard to protect and to provide for US veterans and their families. We are a veteran charity that  supports US veterans. We are Americans who highly regards and respects those that serve in our nation’s military. This our WHY? — Since I “retired,” I have spent almost every awake hour strengthening, […]

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Big Own-Business

Veterans: Keep Your Job & Start a Business

Veterans: You can keep your job and start a business. Starting a business can mean devoting time and energy to a side hustle that can eventually become your full-time gig. Businesses aren’t born overnight, and having a source of income while getting your business off the ground can be a key to success. US Military […]

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How to THANK our Troops and their Families

This is an easy, simple, free way to  thank our troops and their families, and to become the most popular business in your county and beyond. It has spread across the USA and been praised by US Presidents, Congress, the Pentagon, Chambers of Commerce, Business Journals, Military Leaders, and the Media. HIRE PATRIOTS provides American Communities […]

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Be a Successful Veteran Business Owner

Patriotic Hearts primarily helps US veterans to do 2 things: Either to find a good job; or, to be a successful veteran business owner. We have united both of these efforts into one solution. We have started over 45 veterans into business in the last 4 years. And they are now employing veterans all across America […]

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Invest in a Veteran Owned Business

How would it make you feel to invest in a veteran owned business and help a young US veteran get started in life after their military service? Do you have life and business experience with which to advise and mentor them? It will change your life and the lives of others tremendously. Quite possibly, it will […]

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The New Fun & Better Way to Hire US Veterans

HirePatriots now offers a new, fun and better way to hire US veterans. It is also a great way for US veterans to get hired quickly. Transitioning from the military back into the civilian world is too often a very rough road. The faster we can get our veterans connected with the right companies, the better […]

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Best Way to Recruit and Market for Your Business

Our non-profit, Patriotic Hearts, and its HirePatriots.com program is in over 40 US states and has over 100 local representatives in those areas to assist companies in employing US veterans. We began our current efforts in 2004. Since, we have won awards from two US Presidents and Congress for our accomplishments in connecting transitioning US veterans with good […]

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Affinity24 - Tim Pidcock

Payment Cyber Security and Point-of-Sale System Certification

  Affinity24 will be hosting a Consultant Certification Course in Payment Cyber Security and Point of Sale Systems on Saturday, 1/28/2017 from 9AM to 4PM, at our Tustin, California Head Quarters. There is ZERO COST to participate in our Certification program. This Consultant Certification is for Veterans, their family members (must be 18+ years old) […]

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