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The Positive Resiliency Course

Soar to Success provides a Poistive Resiliency Course that equips people with communication and problem solving  skills and strategies that help to effectively handle the physical, emotional and psychological challenges faced in life. The benefits of this program are universal. It is founded upon 30 years of scientific research and development on the effects of […]

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Employers on Campus: For Students and Employers

Employers on Campus provides student veterans who are job seekers, and military friendly employers, a better way to be introduced and to meet eachother’s needs.  Employers on Campus events are held on college and university campuses. It is an opportunity for veteran students seeking internships, employment, and information about careers they are interested in pursuing. […]

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VA Claim Decision within 30 days

Get Your VA Claim Decision within 30 Days

Thinking of filing for VA disability compensation? You can now get your VA claim decision within 30 days. Make sure you file it through the new Decision Ready Claim (DRC) Program. With DRC, you can get a decision in 30 days or less. Work with an accredited Veterans Service Organization (VSO) to determine if the DRC Program is right […]

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Write and Free Yourself from Demons

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” -Ernest Hemingway Here are some basic instructions on writing to get you started. You’re not writing to be read. You’re not writing for fame or fortune. You’re not writing to break through creatively. You’re not writing with a hidden […]

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How Men Should Behave with Women

Every once in awhile America needs refereshing on how men should behave with women. I am glad that men’s behavior towards women is being brought to the forefront and being addressed in public forums and our courts. But outrage, controversy and harsher laws will change nothing by themselves. These principles of proper behavior must be […]

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Do You Want to Change the World?

Help this generation of students and change the world. Patriotic Hearts, has created a program, in affiliation with others, that nurtures the dreams of our children and brings them to life. We focuses on high school and college students. It is called Soar to Success. Our website is being built today: soar2success4students.com. It teaches students the steps to […]

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A Job Board for Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress

HirePatriots provides a One Day/ Off Duty job board for US military, and for veterans that need to earn extra income, and for those still suffering from Post Traumatic Stress and unable to hold down a full time job. It is a job board that residents use to post chores that want a veteran to […]

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Nonprofit Fundraising Through eSports and Payments Technology – A Veteran Family Business

My name is Tim Pidcock. This is about me, but hang in there and read through, because in reality…it’s really about YOU. 😉 Yes…you… The Veteran who is looking ahead and wondering what’s next as you grow your family and provide financial security for them. I’m a 53 year old US Navy Veteran, and small […]

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Key to a Long and Happy Marriage

It is very sad to see how the stress of military life and continuous deployments, especially to combat, is crushing so many marriages on our US bases. Their families already endure so much. This plague of divorce is absolutely devastating these young couples. After the military is also stressful to a couple. Many divorces occur […]

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