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Life’s Greatest Pleasure

More than anything else what gives us the greatest pleasure and strength is companionship. It is critical to contentment. Above all of its forms: friendship, parenthood, blood relations, neighbors, and esprit de corps, marriage is supreme. Being faithfully committed to another, always caring more about them than yourself, loving them with all of your heart […]

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Consumer Reports Applauds New Legislation

Consumer Reports calls it the “Best Lifesaving Legislation”.  The Department of Transportation passed new federal rear visibility standards, which require back-up cameras in all new light-duty vehicles by 2018. They believe the new legislation will avoid many heart-wrenching tragedies.  A study by  the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute found that almost 300 people are […]

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Advice for Work and Life

ADVICE YOU CAN PUT TO WORK IN YOUR LIFE  An article by Martin Bjergegaard talked about consider the saying, “knowledge in and of itself isn’t power. Instead, knowledge is potential power.”  I think the way we choose to make use of it is what makes all the difference.”  Look for ways to apply what you […]

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How I First Met God

I realize that not everyone believes in God. And I know that, of the many millions that do believe in God, not all believe in the Christ revealed in the Bible. And I respect them and care about them. However, for me, faith in my God was never an issue. I had a supernatural revelation […]

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Veterans Housing and Rent Subsides Programs

ETERAN AFFAIRS PROVIDES HOUSING ASSISTANCE If you are a Veteran who has lost your home, you can receive the support you’ve earned to get back on your feet, by contacting VA’s National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at 1-877-424-3838, to speak to a trained VA responder. The hotline and online chart are free and neither […]

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Open Letter to Bill Gates from US School Teacher

Bill Gates, If you care about children so much, as you like to profess and pay to have your P.R. department to publicize, then why are you single-handedly destroying English grammar and our children’s ability to write correctly? Your Word grammar and spell check is completely riddled with massive amounts of errors. And no corrections […]

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Thank You God, Veterans & Fellow Citizens

America is still here because of those who have been willing to lay down their lives to protect us. Our Thanksgiving today is because of them. Most Americans will be with their families today and will enjoy that fellowship around a heavily laden table. But hundreds of thousands of our US Armed Forces will not. […]

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