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We Create Successful Veteran Business Owners

My name is Mark Baird. I have been helping US veterans to transition well for many years. I have a non-profit, Patriotic Hearts.  Our veteran jobs initiative is HirePatriots.com. We also have a program to create successful veteran business owners. It is called US Military Maintenance. It is for US veterans who will enjoy employing and working alongside […]

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Say No To Blame Storming

What is Blamestorming? It is an accurate representation of organizational dysfunction, spending paid time to develop a strategy that does not correct the problem. We’ve all heard terms such as scapegoat, witch hunt, damage control, the blame game and the infamous blame by absence. They are all different terms that define a pretty common business […]

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The Military Network

I want to endorse and promote a very good online resource for US veterans. It is run by Michael Perry (USAF). He is a man of significant accomplishment. He has a sincere passion for helping his fellow US veterans. Please join us on LinkedIn at Military Network: Click HERE. Here is a recent note from […]

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What To Do For Retirement

Ten years ago, I thought that my wife and were done with labor and were starting a life of ease. But we are nowhere near retiring.  God gave us a ‘calling’ late in life. It has required every ounce of our resources and strength. I sometimes wish I was in my twenties instead of my […]

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The HirePatriots Community Program

irePatriots is creating local community chapters across America to support their local US military, veterans and their families. The first step is for us to seek sustainable employment for veterans. To accomplish this we call companies everyday and ask them to post jobs on our site. We also post blogs about their company and about […]

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Purple Up for Military Kids’ Day

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard has proclaimed “April as the Month of the Military Child” in South Dakota. All citizens are encouraged to wear purple to celebrate April as the Month of the Military Child on April 15, 2014, “Purple Up for Military Kids” Day or on your designated day during the month of April. […]

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April marks the nation’s “Month of the Military Child”

April marks the nation’s “Month of the Military Child,” a time to honor our community youth impacted by deployments and the challenges they face as the family strives to reintegrate after long separations. Operation: Military Kids of South Dakota invites everyone to “Purple Up!” during our annual campaign, and celebrate April as the Month of […]

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A Community Project for Schools

Recently, public and private schools across America have contacted HirePatriots asking about our program. They see it as a way for their students to earn community service credits. They can help spread the word in their communities and get more jobs posted for their area’s military and veterans. The students can also use our popular […]

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Our Christian Service

My wife and I began HirePatriots and our non-profit Patriotic Hearts 10 years ago. Since then well over 100,000 US military veterans and their families have been helped in a variety of ways through our unique outreach. But it has required tremendous financial sacrifice to do so and unending labor. We have forfeited all of […]

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