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A Testimony from a US Military Clean Business Owner

by E.P. Miles Jr. US Veteran I am a disabled veteran who aggravated his injuries while working as a DoD contractor in Afghanistan. I returned home, broken, and tired. I made a promise to my wife that all would be OK. As I recovered, I started to research different business ventures to invest in or to start. […]

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Join Us!

A former COO from a Major Janitorial Firm will be Mentoring! Join us this Friday, May 7, at 4 PM Pacific time. https://us04web.zoom.us/j/77015496801?pwd=aDdSQ0p6MW1PMGlra1BXVGFzTDVRZz09 Passcode: military Meeting ID770 1549 6801 #startupbusiness #veteranownedbusiness #USMilitaryClean

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Why Start A Janitorial Business?

I could never make enough to live the American Dream and support my family as I wanted. I was depressed and always going deeper into debt. I realized that I needed to start my own business and get control of my life and back. I chose to create a janitorial business. I had no experience […]

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US Military Clean

Be a Successful Veteran Business Owner

With Covid’s end in sight, and as America reopens its doors to business, the opportunity to get your Military Clean business rolling right out of the gate has never been better!  Another great example of how quickly one can succed in this business: E.P. Miles in Houston, TX is a great example of how quickly your […]

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