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US Military Clean

Be a Successful Veteran Business Owner

With Covid’s end in sight, and as America reopens its doors to business, the opportunity to get your Military Clean business rolling right out of the gate has never been better!  Another great example of how quickly one can succed in this business: E.P. Miles in Houston, TX is a great example of how quickly your […]

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Psychometric Tests

Hire Efficient Candidates Through Psychometric Tests

Hire Efficient Candidates Through Psychometric Tests. As a recruiter, you have recently hired many candidates for your organization. After taking job interviews of several candidates, you notice that the candidates are not able to perform well at the time of work. During the recruitment process, you have read every resume in detail. You have searched […]

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How to Start A Welding Business

How to Start a Welding Business

How to start a welding business: Think you’ve got the chops to start a welding business? Ready to work for yourself, instead of another shop or corporate owner? The global welding business is projected to reach $48.16B by 2026. But there are some steps to follow before you’re in the metal fab zone. Here’s how you […]

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Once saved, Always saved?

Once Saved, Always Saved? There are two sides to this question that Christians have debated for the last several hundred years: Ø When someone asks Jesus into their heart, they receive eternal salvation at that moment that can never be lost, regardless of what kind of sinful life they live afterward. VERSUS Ø We must […]

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Christian Life Recovery

For some people who cannot accept responsibility for their own choices and behaviors, they select another person as the cause and the reason for their unhappiness, and struggles. This oftentimes happens in familial and marriage relationships. – Inevitably, in those close bonds we will offend others in one way or another. We may even actually […]

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Support US Veterans & Leap Over your Competition!

Associating your brand with a charity that assists US Veterans and First Responders is how to lift your company up and above your competitors. In this hectic and anxious world most people are looking for meaning and purpose. We want to do something that makes us feel good about ourselves. Something that will make a […]

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How to start a simple business

How Struggling Veterans Can Find Freedom

How Struggling Veterans Can Find Freedom I teach veterans how to find freedom by starting simple businesses. It is my way of honoring their patriotism and the sacrifices they and their loved ones have made. Veterans deserve to have good life without the stress of worrying every month. – By God’s grace, over the last […]

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How to Vote in San Diego County

Dear Voter, For the Presidential General Election, November 3, 2020 all registered voters will be mailed a vote-by-mail ballot starting October 5, 2020. You can also vote in-person at our office starting October 5, 2020. We are located at: 5600 Overland Ave, Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92123 Our hours are Monday through Friday 8 […]

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Tremendous Opportunity 4 US Veterans!

Military Clean will transform your life! Instead of being an employee who serves your boss, you will be the boss! It works! In the last 5 years, I have helped over 100 US veterans start this business. Some are now wealthy and employ hundreds of veterans every day. You will be provided everything you need […]

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Armed Security Pros Needed: NOW!

ARMED SECURITY PROFESSIONALS We are seeking Armed Security Professionals to help provide armed uniformed security to businesses and various State and Federal agencies. Click to Apply: ARMED SECURITY PROFESSIONALS Founded in 1999, Global Security Services is full service private security, investigation and electronic security agency. Global Security Services’ provides expertise in consulting, physical security and protective […]

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