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A For-Profit Business Plan for Non-Profits

Without a for-profit business plan most non-profits will fail. Creating a non-profit is usually stimulated by a higher cause that motivates us to sacrifice our time and resources to fulfilling its mission; but, without a sustainable business plan that creates profits, you will need to be independently wealthy. Grants and donations, no matter how much […]

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Higher Cause Marketing for V.O.B.s & Military Friendly Businesses

I implement Higher Cause Marketing to multiply business profits, in which a company’s promotional campaign has the dual purpose of increasing profitability while bettering society. — The  benefits of cause marketing for business include positive public relations, improved customer relations, additional marketing opportunities, and making more money. These benefits occur because this marketing model gives the consumer the feeling […]

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Best Way to Recruit and Market for Your Business

Our non-profit, Patriotic Hearts, and its HirePatriots.com program is in over 40 US states and has over 100 local representatives in those areas to assist companies in employing US veterans. We began our current efforts in 2004. Since, we have won awards from two US Presidents and Congress for our accomplishments in connecting transitioning US veterans with good […]

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Free TV, Radio, Press and More for Your Business

Getting on TV, radio, in the Press, and being invited to speak at business gatherings is much easier than you may think, (particularly if you are a US veteran.) This is especially valuable to business owners. The more people that hear about your business, the more your business will profit in many ways. Of course, […]

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