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Veteran Advocate

How Hire Patriots Assists US Military & Veterans

Noah Dingley, a host on KPRZ radio, asks Mark Baird, a US veteran advocate, how every American can assist US veterans, and their families. Find out about a free veteran job board you can offer to your comunity: a job board for residents to employ local military, veterans, and their spouses to help with chores, moving, painting, gardening, […]

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Creative Careers 4 US Veterans

Many of our nation’s men and women exit the military without a clue of what to do next. Others pursue their passions, doing everything they can to break into the life they’ve always dreamed of. This book provides guidance on how to follow your passions, and includes interviews with MILITARY VETERANS who have gone on […]

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How Hire Patriots Helps

Dear Fellow Patriots, Helping US Veterans and the Communities in which they Live I know that the impetus for you to become involved in HirePatriots important cause was the Spirit of God in your hearts. You are all Good people who want to help others. And all of us honor our dear US veterans and […]

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