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Veterans: Start A Cleaning Business!

Posted by on March 25, 2020 in Biz Ops
US Military Maintenance Owners
US Military Maintenance Owners

This is a great time for US veterans to start a cleaning business. Perhaps more than ever there is an urgent need for a professional cleaning company to keep work areas bacteria and virus free. I teach U.S. veterans how to begin their own commercial maintenance business.

In 1970, unable to support my family, I was forced to try and start a business of my own. I had been trained to keep everything clean to military standards, so I began a cleaning business. I was able to clean 13 offices a night by myself. I cleaned the B of A in Laguna and three R.E. offices. Then I drove to Dana Point and cleaned two more banks. Then on to San Juan Capistrano, where I cleaned 2 banks and a doctor’s office. Then I went to Mission Viejo and cleaned 3 doctors offices and another bank. On the way home I polished the floor of a hair salon. I earned $85,000 that year working all by myself. — When I go to Google and type in “How much is $85,000 in 1970 worth today,” here is the answer: “U.S. Inflation Rate, $85,000 from 1970 to 2020. In other words, $85,000 in 1970 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $566,691.49 in 2020.”  (https://bit.ly/39kArBw)

It radically changed my life! I had been struggling just to pay rent and bills every month. Sometimes I had to move because I could not come up with rent. I was poor and had a wife and a kid. I was also a H.S. dropout. And I was listed as 100% disabled. — I bought a house that year! I went to college and eventually earned several degrees and taught at the school I dropped out of! And I never had to worry about money again. 

I have taken everything I’ve learned over 50 years of creating commercial maintenance businesses and created a step by step plan for any US veteran to begin his business withing one week of getting started with me. Essentially, everything you need is provided by me: website, marketing, training, certifications, equipment, graphics, bidding, etc. 

There are several avenues to follow when starting out that will make you money right away, on your first day. (Day 8 after getting started with me.) As you may have heard from the interviews and team meeting recordings, many veterans earn thousands of dollars in their first month. You earn more than enough to recoup your start-up expenses in your first month. — We will discuss these different ways to start making money out of the gate and find out which path you prefer. 

As to getting accounts: Literally, this is the easiest part of this business. As a US veteran you have doors already open and waiting for you. You just need to learn where they are and how to get in. — Even at 70 years old, I still get commercial accounts for local veterans. It takes me about an hour each time. Here in S.D. I got an account of 2,500 square feet for $24,000 a year. I walked into 3 offices before finding that one. — Then I got a $60,000 a year account for another veteran, a 40,000 sq. ft office in the same amount of time. I will teach you where to go, what to say, and how to walk out with a signed agreement to begin work. — There is far more work that needs to be done every day in almost every city, for any one man or company to handle. And almost every company hates their janitorial business. Most do crappy work! Companies are urgently waiting for a trustworthy US veteran to take over and keep it U.S. Military clean! 

Here is your BIG AVANTAGE: US veterans are the only American citizens that have been trained and drilled to keep everything “Inspection Ready.” All you need to know is how to poke a stick in a company’s need and make them see how urgent it is to repair their bleeding wound. Then provide your solution: The only solution: US Veterans!

Here is another article with more info; https://hirepatriots.com/us-military-maintenance-is-a-program-created-especially-for-us-veterans

Mark Baird / [email protected]/ 760-847-2561

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