Patriotic Hearts is a premier American charity that focuses on helping our Heroes in need: US Military, Veterans, First Responders, and their families. We connect businesses and communities with their local US military, veterans, and their spouses. 

Since 2005

Our programs for US Military and Veterans focus primarily on Employment and Entrepreneurism. has provided a Careers job board and a Day by Day job board for US veterans across the nation since 2004. We have HirePatriots websites and job boards for every state in the union. Our database of job seeking veterans is voluminous and is added to everyday. – In addition, we create more jobs for US veterans by mentoring them in starting their businesses. US Military Clean, is one of our most successful programs. It has created 114 new Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses in 40 states, so far.

We reward the Military Friendly companies that assist us in making veterans’ and their families’ lives better. We provide a comprehensive range professional business services.

  • Higher Cause Marketing: 87% of U.S. consumers say they would purchase a product because a company advocates for social causes they care about. “The U.S. military remains among the most trusted public institutions in America.” 
  • Recruiting: We have a national job board, and local job boards in every state. Our database of US veteran job seekers and resumes is voluminous. – Every company that posts a job receives free blog posting and social networking about their open positions.
  • Job FairsOur Hire Patriots job fairs, since 2006, are frequently held on US military bases or nearby; however, we create customized job fairs for specific companies that have a large need for more employees. Of course, we can also accomplish this online.
  • Employee Engagement ProgramsCommunity involvement with important social causes is critical to recruiting and retaining employees. And it greatly enhances a company’s popularity and reputation. We have several fun and effective social programs, including a horse ranch where we assist handicapped and afflicted citizens with equine therapy.
  • Speakers & Seminars Patriotic Hearts also provides US Veteran transition and employment experts too. Too, we provide US veterans to speak on TV, radio, and at various community associations on your behalf. 
  • RetreatsOur retreats are hosted on both coasts, on Long Island, and in sunny San Diego. We take care of every detail. Your teams will be inspired and re-energized to perform at their best.
  • Content Creation & Blog PostingBlogs increase your SEO. Fresh content is key to beating out your competitors in the search engine results page. We use logarithms that select the precise use keywords for your articles. We fully enhance your posts with the most advanced SEO analytics. We use the keywords, topics, and categories where you want your business to be found. Our college educated, award winning copywriters, will create and promote fresh and relevant information about your business and hiring needs.
  • Videos, Logos, Web Design: Patriotic Hearts’ team of professional US veterans produce engaging logos and videos that immediately draw the attention of people browsing the web. They are vastly more powerful than any static advertisement.

Call or text 760-730-3734.

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