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First guide dog trained to run with blind Marine athlete

CBS – There was something extra special about one of the pups who graduated from a New York State guide dog school on Saturday. That’s not to say all of the four-legged graduates at Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a nonprofit that provides guide dogs to people with vision loss and children with autism, aren’t remarkable. But one of […]

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VA Police Falsely Arrest Mr. Patriot & Confiscate His Flags

By Robert Rosebrock Veterans Today – Just when you thought the VA couldn’t swim any deeper into the cesspool of crime, corruption and retaliation, they plunged to even lower depths when they issued a falsified arrest citation to “Mr. Patriot” (Ted Hayes) for hanging two American Flags on the front fence outside the VA’s National Veterans Home […]

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US Military Maintenance

A Great Business to Own or Employ US Military Maintenance employs local US military, veterans and their spouses to clean commercial offices. We keep businesses “Military Clean” and we put a dent in veteran unemployment at the same time. US Military Maintenance is a program of Patriotic Hearts, a 501c3 non-profit that has received the […]

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Secret to Writing the Perfect Resume

Advice from a CEO Do this the next time job you apply for a job and send in your resume. Look at it like doing a painting by numbers sketch. Just fill in the answers they are looking for. Each line of their list of qualifications, or experience, or education, etc. is the information they […]

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Save Our US Military Marriages

Our US military members and veterans have a significantly higher divorce rate than other Americans. Civilian marriages in the US run at a 50% divorce rate. For military couples that experience multiple deployments of a spouse to combat areas, that divorce rate rises to an astounding and tragic 90%! Add the loss of their marriages […]

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