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Affinity 4 Patriotic Hearts

Three of the major challenges that all nonprofit organizations are faced with are: Not enough time or material resources Not enough volunteers or human resources Not enough, or inconsistent fundraising Each of these challenges, together or separately, make it difficult for the nonprofit to have as large an impact as they could if these challenges were […]

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As an Ambassador for Hire Patriots I connect with vets in transition to offer them 3 items…

Thank you for serving, my family and I appreciate our freedom here in this great country. As an Ambassador for Hire Patriots I connect with vets in transition to offer them 3 items. 1)      – My budget book is free to all vets on my Hire Patriots web page http://hirepatriots.com/heroes  Brian Tracy/ Author, The Power […]

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Answers about HirePatriots’ Programs

I am often asked to answer questions about the HirePatriots program in order to help reporters write about our unique program. Here are some answers to common questions. Tell us about HirePatriots.com … when and why did you start your site? A wounded US Marine from Camp Pendleton knocked on our door and asked if we […]

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US Marine Thanks HirePatriots

Hi my name is Joshua Tisdale. I am 27 years old and I’m currently a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps on active duty. I had done construction for about 5 years prior to joining the Marine Corps. I found out about HIREPATRIOTS.COM through a friend. First and foremost I wanted to say THANK YOU for […]

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HirePatriots RV Ready to Roll To Your Town

My wife and I have moved into an RV again tomorrow. We founded HirePatriots almost a decade ago. When we started we owned our 3 bedroom house.  We had savings. And I owned a small business that was growing. We were set. No more worries. No more debt. We had just blue skies ahead. But […]

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Marine Gets ‘Day Jobs’ to Pay Bills

HirePatriots.com is creating free jobs for local veterans in communities across the country. Active duty military like this US Marine need residents to post “day jobs” for them. It takes a lot of financial stress off of their shoulders. So if you area patriot or a military friendly or vet-owned business please contact us and […]

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About HirePatriots.com

HirePatriots.com was launched in 2005. The founders were living next door to Camp Pendleton Marine Base. One day a Marine who had just returned home from Iraq knocked on their door. “Sir,” he said, “I just got back from deployment and found out that my wife was laid-off a couple of months before I got […]

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HirePatriots Thursday Conference Call: Great Stuff!

Dear Patriotic Members and Friends, HirePatriots will be holding a nationwide conference call this Thursday at 4 PM Pacific time. The conference call number is: (605) 562-3000 / Participant Access Code: 132379# We have had some terrific things happen since our last meeting. And a lot of wonderful things are in the works. – All of these […]

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