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Do You Have a “Patriotic Heart?” A Veteran Charity

Patriotic Hearts act as a lifeguard to protect and to provide for US veterans and their families. We are a veteran charity that  supports US veterans. We are Americans who highly regards and respects those that serve in our nation’s military. This our WHY? — Since I “retired,” I have spent almost every awake hour strengthening, […]

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How to Support our Troops Today

When I selected the authors for my book, An American Crisis: Veterans Unemployment, I asked each of them to include in their chapters their personal story or testimony. And they responded by sharing honest and heartfelt stories of their struggles in and out of the US military.  I required this because most of us do […]

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Santa’s Runway Markers are Christmas Lights

I gotta tell you I really love the period between late November and early January. This is the time of year when everyone, for no particular reason is cheery to one another; some actually even go out of their way to be friendly.  It is unfortunate this is a cyclic phenomenon; although I will take […]

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