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Inspirational Speaker

An Inspirational and Exciting Speaker

Mark Baird: I am an inspirational speaker for Americans looking for a Cause to put Purpose and Meaning in their lives by volunteering to help our US Military members, veterans, and their families. There are simple but very powerful things they can do to improve their lives. https://youtu.be/qQS-f-mIHcY Making others happier and safer has always been […]

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A For-Profit Business Plan for Non-Profits

Without a for-profit business plan most non-profits will fail. Creating a non-profit is usually stimulated by a higher cause that motivates us to sacrifice our time and resources to fulfilling its mission; but, without a sustainable business plan that creates profits, you will need to be independently wealthy. Grants and donations, no matter how much […]

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Be a Successful Veteran Business Owner

Patriotic Hearts primarily helps US veterans to do 2 things: Either to find a good job; or, to be a successful veteran business owner. We have united both of these efforts into one solution. We have started over 45 veterans into business in the last 4 years. And they are now employing veterans all across America […]

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