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We Create Successful Veteran Business Owners

My name is Mark Baird. I have been helping US veterans to transition well for many years. I have a non-profit, Patriotic Hearts.  Our veteran jobs initiative is HirePatriots.com. We also have a program to create successful veteran business owners. It is called US Military Maintenance. It is for US veterans who will enjoy employing and working alongside […]

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What Does HirePatriots Do to Help US Veterans?

Hello HirePatriots Friends: Many people wonder what exactly we do every day at HirePatriots. They also ask what their donations provide? These are very important questions for me to answer. Here is my comprehensive reply: Please send me your comments. Also, please give us your feed back on our new HirePatriots.com web design. Help us to see what […]

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Vets on Shark Tank

Combat Flip Flops entered the Shark Tank in Season 7 debuting their flips flops made of combat boot rubber with a charitable mission behind every pair. Two veteran army rangers presenter their product line to Shark Tank. Their company, Combat Flip Flops, empowers locals who make “cool products in dangerous places”—namely Colombia, Afghanistan and Laos—from […]

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