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New Events on Campuses and US Bases from Hire Patriots

Dear Friends, Businesses, Veterans, and Americans, Patriotic Hearts, the non-profit that offers the popular HirePatriots program has expanded its services. So far our total number of US military, veterans, their families, and their supporters who have been helped by our programs numbers into the 200 thousands. Now, we are about to multiply that number with our new […]

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Your Reserved Invitation to an Event at a La Jolla Mansion

Patriotic Hearts is holding an event at a La Jolla Mansion, on a cliff, overlooking the ocean,  on November 17.  It is reserved seating for just 50 people. Come hear about our new program for veterans and students called SOAR to Success: Patriotic Hearts will begin holding these events on high school and college campuses, […]

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A Most Bizarre Wedding Toss

Neither her parents or mine would agree to our being married. But Zaza was 18 and I was 19, so we drove to Vegas and did it ourselves. But we never had a reception or party. And Zaza never got to throw a bouquet. After Vegas, we drove up the coast of California. We only […]

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Heroes Jam Concert this Sunday!

Appearing at the Dec 20. event…..The LATIN GODDESSES & Top Hip Hop artists at the HOLLYWOOD & VINE LAUNCH PARTY in Hollywood at Tiffany’s on Vine: 1718 Vine Street. — This will benefit our non-profit Patriotic Hearts. Check out HeroesJam.com.     Visit HeroesJam.com for more information.

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Entertainment with a Green Twist

The Stage is set for Eco-friendly Initiatives I’ve always maintained that watching a show on Broadway is an experience of a lifetime. It’s not just the performers who light up the stage- nay, set it on fire, but rather the combined effort of the entire industry including the producers, designers, theater owners, et al. I […]

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Star Spangeled Banner

How to be “United” on Independence Day We are the “United” States of America. But there is so much division and hatred that is separating our nation into warring camps. Disagreements will always exists; however, we must agree to permit and respect others’ opinions. What the 4th verse of the Star Spangled Banner claims to […]

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