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Jobs for the US Military: Every Branch!

If you are a patriotic American, this is a simple way to thank our US veterans and their families; and a great P.R. program for businesses! It provides jobs for the US Military, part-time and full-time. HirePatriots will build you a US veteran hiring site and job board for you to offer to your community. — […]

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A Job Board for Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress

HirePatriots provides a One Day/ Off Duty job board for US military, and for veterans that need to earn extra income, and for those still suffering from Post Traumatic Stress and unable to hold down a full time job. It is a job board that residents use to post chores that want a veteran to […]

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HirePatriots’ Hiring Services

US Veteran ‘Work Ready’ Hiring Events  HirePatriots invites either one, exclusive company with more than 25 immediate open positions to attend these event. We also modify these events to accommodate up to 8 companies within the same industry that have smaller hiring needs. This is how it works: A company sends HirePatriots the specs and […]

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